Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Welcome back spring! We're all excited to see you again. I can't complain about our winter though, because it was relatively warm. And I know we'll have a cool day still from time to time, but it's exciting to see the leaves return. God's promise of a new season.

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Friday, March 11, 2016

My boy...part 2

My boy has a sweet girlfriend. He's always the perfect gentleman...although I did see him not open her door, so we may have to have a talk! ;) I see a lot of his daddy and myself in those 2 and it brings back many memories of our teenage romance. He's been wanting to ask her to prom for a while, but wanted to do it in an unusual way. That's the thing now...prom-posals. And all his friends were doing it and badgering him as to when he was going too ask her. So much so that he was starting to get upset about it.

She was part of the color guard last fall during marching band, so he decided to start with buying a flag. We tossed around some ideas and he found a friend to sew "prom" on the flag for him. Again, back to the drawing board on "how" to ask her. He finally decided on inviting her over while he was working, so "I" could take some pictures with my "new" lens. It's a good thing she doesn't "know" me, because he set it up at the worst time to take pictures and normally I would never do it at that time of day.

He decided to ride out on a horse carrying the flag while I was taking the pictures. Funny it never works the way you want, but it was cute.

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Memphis has not been ridden a lot this winter, so he was a bit fussy.

DSC_4014 web

But he quickly got back into the stride of being a walking horse and loving to run!

DSC_4030 web

Winchester was a bit upset to be left behind and corralled.

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The one thing we really didn't work out was how he'd "know" when to come out. I think she figured it out after a few minutes.

DSC_4034 web

And of course she said yes!

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

My boy...

Time flies...everyone knows that. My last post was December and it's now March. :/ And once you have kids, it's all downhill. Last week I was teaching him to ride a bike...this week, getting ready for graduation. Don't blink and don't take a minute for granted.

My boy...he's a senior this year. It makes me sad, but also so, so excited for him and what he's going to do in the future. He wants to fly. And I know he'll make his dream come true. Until then, he's been a busy senior doing all kinds of fun things. He was nominated to be in the basketball homecoming court.

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My boy...loves his friends. He's laughed with them, comforted them and cried with them. He's been their friend for 13 years.

DSC_3291 web DSC_3253 web

My boy...he loves his girlfriend. I asked him when I first found out a couple months ago...why? You ALMOST made it through high school without the hassle of a girlfriend, what made her different? (Because I'm a mom and I'm curious...and...well, just because. :) ) He says to me, "Mom, she's a good Christian girl"...and there you have it. What else is there to say?! And when we happen to meet her parents at a Christian function...I guess God's got plans...and she's lovely. I see so much of his daddy in him at this age and I also know that no matter how much we've struggled in the last few years, we DID do something right!

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My boy...he loves Jesus. So much so that sometimes it takes my breath away. And sometimes, if you're paying attention, Jesus shows you how much he loves you!

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Thursday, December 3, 2015


News of the kitten arrival came while I was shooting this adorable family. They were in town visiting family and we were able to squeeze in a few minutes for some family photos.

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This was one of my favorites and I actually had to do a doggy head swap because one of them was looking the other way. It was worth it as I still love this picture.

DSC_0495 web

Another favorite.

DSC_0534 web

Such a sweet boy...and so big for 6 months old!

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Newest member

While out on a family photo shoot, I received a text..."I think I hear a kitten" response was "RUN, RUNAWAY FAST...and ignore it." That didn't happen. And what we found was a kitten less than a week old. So young we had to bottle feed it. We searched for the momma, but the kitten was found walking along the fenceline, not in the barn or somewhere safe that momma would come back to. So, now, we have another mouth to feed. The jury is still out on whether it will be a "simba" or a "nala", but I am rather impressed we were able to keep it alive. ;)

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