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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Food Drive fall 2013

We had our fall 2nd Harvest food drop this past weekend. What a beautiful day to bless some needy people. This was our 5th drop that we've participated in and it is an awesome mission. The amount of people that volunteered was a blessing. The amount of food that was delivered...staggering. I had never seen that much food at a drop before. None of us had. It was awesome.

DSC_0045 web

It was a FULL semi!

DSC_0049 web

They started the line early...that is heartbreaking...and yet they received so many blessings that day.

DSC_0052 web

Our youth worked hand in hand with the high schools Interact club. We had 50# bags of carrots that had to be rebagged into smaller portions.

DSC_0054 web

DSC_0064 web

Food box table. Sliding the boxes down the line for deliver to the vehicles at the end.

DSC_0076 web

Carrots and cabbages galore!

DSC_0103 web

Everything on this side was "extra". It was not on the shipping manifest. This would be stuff donated from grocery stores and bakeries. The amount was staggering. We had a pallet of grapes. Beautiful, tasty grapes. A pallet of roma tomatoes. A pallet of mangos. It was such a blessing to give everyone so much food. The boys that were loading would do something special also. When a car had a small child, they would pull something special to give to just them. Whether it be a princess cake or cupcakes, they would find something just for that child. It just warmed my heart at their thoughtfulness.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Food Drive

We participated in our 2nd food drive with our church last month. For such a small church, it just amazes me on everything it does. From busing in and feeding inner city kids on Wednesday night to organizing the food drive. It's all about taking care of your community. We've been to larger churches that don't do it. They may do other things, but I love the fact that ANYONE can help...member or OR child. Because if we don't involve our children AS children...will they continue to do it as adults? I'm betting they will. I'm thankful it's here, because it saddens me that we still have to do food drives...and that the line starts early, before the truck even arrives.

BBUMC/Second Harvest Food Drive

BBUMC/Second Harvest food drive

Pallets of food to be sorted.

BBUMC/Second Harvest Food Drive

Local high school kids help.

BBUMC/Second Harvest Food Drive

We have a lot of fun and talk a lot of smack.

BBUMC/Second Harvest Food Drive

This truck was full of perishable food, so sorting was very important. Some of it was bad, which sometimes can't be helped. We also had a ton of bananas leftover...most were overripe. We picked through to hand out the good ones. These look like good bananas, but we think they were refrigerated, because they were VERY mushy/soft inside.


...which was perfect for...


Banana bread...I made 70 loaves! Everyone that helped out was offered a loaf and what was left was given to the church. It was nice to give back to those that helped!

BBUMC/Second Harvest Food Drive

Boxes being packed.



This was our 2nd food drive and I have to say, it was a very heart-happy day. The rain stopped when the delivery arrived, so our parking people stayed dry/happy, our organization was much better and we gave 220 food boxes to 471 men, women & children...and only 2 cars were NOT from our county. (That is a sad statistic!) We will be there in the fall when we do it again.