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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ohio Ritual

Every time we travel to Ohio, we make a trip to Amish country. There is nothing better than amish swiss cheese. And I'm a cheesehead by birth/blood! So we make the 30 minute drive each visit. I replenish my spices at the Ashery and pick up a wheel or 5 of swiss cheese. I do prefer spring or summer, but I'll go anytime we get a chance!

christmas-0022 web

You know it's a good place to shop when the amish also shop here!

christmas-0024 web

I love the countryside and although it can be hard to stop for pictures along the hilly roads, we went back for this picture. Something just drew it to me. Unfortunately, I cannot decide which version I like better! I love the color, but the vintage also draws me.

christmas-0024 web1

No help around here either. Everyone like both of them. I probably should have asked the cat. :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Kindle rocks!

There was a time when I dreaded road trips...suitcases, backpacks, toys, games, video/movie machines...golly, it was a chore just to get everything packed. I realized this past weekend that I do miss it (a little) they are growing up way too quick...but it makes it so much easier when we decide to just hop in the car and go for the weekend and they grab a backpack of clothes and their Kindles. Best.Christmas.Gift.EVER! It tends to cost me when they want certain books, but seriously, who's going to say no to buying them a book to read?! And every once in a while I find a gem that's free that I will download for them. He read the whole book today and came back tonight wanting the next 3 books. Lucky for me they packaged them up in a set for $5! Best $5 I've spent today! :)