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Friday, January 9, 2015


We are suffering through our first really cold snap. 5-12 degrees outside for the HIGH is just ridiculous. I know it's winter, but really, ridiculous! And as usual, the car breaks down and requires a part the cold. Darn Murphy! These were taken about a month ago, when it wasn't so cold, but we had a thick frost...and it was beautiful.

DSC_4017 web
DSC_4020 web

I love this picture. The softness of his nose/mouth along with the ice on the hairs...just lovely.

DSC_4023 web

Whatcha doing?

DSC_4029 web
DSC_4036 web


DSC_4037 web

Dude needs a dentist! Horses are hilarious!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


The benefit of having a window in your shower is catching a glimpse of this beauty. Unfortunately I was not quick enough to get a better shot of it before it started to hit the horizon.

DSC_4426 web

The benefit of having friends text you to ask you if you've seen the moon rising I'm running out the door with the camera before it gets too high in the sky!

DSC_4440 web

It never gets old either rising or setting!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

SNOW! Sort of...

We have had a horribly (not normal) cold winter. I hate it. It stinks and it's no fun. If it's going to be so cold, we should at least have some snow to go with it...and to gripe about! But alas, it's not to be. Until the storms come from the south. I've always said the storms that come from the south always dump on us, so when this storm was predicted, I was hopeful. We got the day off in anticipation of the upcoming storm...and nothing happened...until about 8pm that night, when it started snowing and sticking. We went to bed (knowing) we had no school and (knowing) we'd be snowed in. Again, it didn't happen. But, we did get about an inch...more and less in different areas. I was debating going for a quick drive as the sun was coming up to get some pictures before it melted. I knew it wouldn't last long. And then I saw this in the field...

winter-0002 web

This was the first decent picture I've been able to get of this guy. I've only seen him/her a couple of times and it's been almost dark when I do. Unfortunately he's going to have to go before we start building our chicken coop. I'm not planning on providing him with meals each night!

winter-0026 web

I took a quick drive as the sun was coming up.

winter-0028 web

I didn't go far because the roads were icy in areas and I didn't want to navigate. The hubs had a job cancel though, so he drove me around for an hour or so!

winter-0013 web

The barn was so pretty with the snow as the sun was coming up.

winter-0016 web

Fox and bunny tracks...and now you know why we have a fox...lots of bunnies!

winter-0015 web

Pretty snow covered weeds :)

winter-0020 web

Snow or not, she's happy to be outside. Next up...our snowy drive.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Foggy Sunrise

I might not have caught a sunset at the lake, but I had forgotten I had captured this sunrise back in May, when I had to drive the youngest to his uncles at o-dark freakin early one morning, so that he could be in a fishing tournament with him. This picture made the 40 minute round trip drive worth it.

DSC_0030 web

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Good morning God!

What a beautiful Sunday morning sunrise!




The crazy kid...he might want me to think he's got a big fish on, but the faker doesn't realize his pole's not bending! ;)

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Getting the little darlings ready for school the other day and I didn't open the kitchen blinds as early as I normally do. Once I did, I happened to see a glorious sight...the sky was on fire. I ran outside in my jammies and slippers to take this...


I hopped in the car and drove the 1/2 mile over to Webb school to see if I could get a clear shot...I was too late for the fire in the sky, but it was still lovely.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011


2 pictures that tell a completely different story. The first one taken on an early morning run to town last week. It looks like a cold winter day, but with cool clouds though, which is why I stopped in the middle of the road to take the picture. Good thing there's no traffic at that time of the morning! The next picture looks like it's going to be a beautiful day at the lake as the fog burns off. Looks can be deceiving! In the first picture, it was quite warm, but the cold/rain had not come through yet...and the lake was freezing (as I hiked down there in my jammies because I was afraid I'd miss the picture I saw in my head if I took the time to get dressed)...and it was beautiful as the sun was out! The lake is just no fun when it's cold out...but that's just my opinion!



Saturday, November 13, 2010


Silly me didn't even realize I had passed 100 posts. I
was up at o-dark-30 today to drive across the county to do
a dropoff. Because of the time change, I (thought) I had
missed a decent sunrise picture, since I had taken my good
camera with me instead of just my cell camera...lucky for me
I saw this before it disappeared into the morning light.

I'm submitting 3 framed prints Monday to be considered for
show/sale in a new gallery exhibit. I'm nervous, excited and
petrified that they won't like them or will decline because
they've got too many photo entries. Time will tell. Until then,
I will take this as a sign of a new day dawning.


Saturday, October 30, 2010


There's something about this hill that has always fascinated me. And
I really don't know why. I've taken several pictures at different times
of day and so far sunrise is my favorite. The only thing that is missing
is the lone cow that's been up there when I've not had my camera!



Saturday, October 2, 2010


Had to get up wayyyyy to early this morning to take
someone to the other side of the county. Climbed out
of bed and put my shoes's a jammie kinda day!
At least at 530am it is! This was my reward on my
drive back home! ♥

I really need to catch a sunrise once in a while...