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Friday, January 2, 2015

Fall 2014

As we start January...much the same way December turned out to be...wet/rainy, I will remember our beautiful fall. I was sorry to see it go. And for once, it seemed to last for weeks.

DSC_2585 web

We went to the mountain one day and were just either at peak or just past peak. Either way, it was beautiful.

DSC_2579 web

Stone door was just lovely.

DSC_2593 web

Laural falls

DSC_2636 web

We made 1 last stop...and it's one of my favorite, peaceful spots.

DSC_2647 web

Get out an explore your surroundings!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

2nd fall hike

Rainy and overcast, but it's a nice trail to hike. Went with some
friends and the grandparents. I thought the colors would have
changed more, but the greens outweighed the yellows and
oranges...a few more weeks...

Stone Door in the distance (right hand corner)

Stone Door zoomed in
(when you see them looking over the edge,
THIS is where they are!)

Across from the outlook

Overlook from Stone Door

Overlook from Stone Door

Climbers rules:
Safety first...6 ft from edge is standing, 3 ft from
edge kneeling and belly crawling to peer over
the edge. Falling 300+ feet will really
ruin your day!

Nice view!

The lookout where I had zoomed in to Stone Door
is waaayyyy in the distance. Almost in the center of
the picture. The little clearing surrounded by trees.

Notice where the adult is!

Always the one to find
the critters!

He held it the whole way back and
went to find a Ranger to find out
what kind it was...way to go
little dude!

What goes down must go back fun! 

These 2 crack me up with their
facial expressions!

Dude, what?!