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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Winter lingers pt 2

I think even the horses are tired of the winter weather...

DSC_5124 web

Or maybe they're just tired of the lack of snacks! :)

DSC_5130 eb

Still a beautiful snowy backdrop!

DSC_5140 web

I love how anything colorful pops with a snowy background.

DSC_5131 web1

Come on spring! We're all waiting!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Winter lingers

The snow was beautiful when it came down that night. And the fact that it was gone the same day, awesome!

DSC_5114 web

Snow is so much easier to deal with than ice. The fact that it melts rather quickly, a bonus!

DSC_5117 web

I love how the red barn just pops against the white background.

DSC_5121 web

The dog loves snow...

DSC_5136 web

The kitten, not so much!

Monday, March 2, 2015


Winter seems to be lingering. No sooner were we done with the ice, than the snow came. The one nice thing about this snow was gone that same day! So before I slid my way to work that morning, I wanted to try to get some good bird pictures with the snow. If we're going to have it, I might as well use it to my advantage!

DSC_5150 web

Snow just makes the picture just a little bit better.

DSC_5158 web

I could never get close enough to capture the doves, so the finches had to do.

DSC_5169 web

I have always loved feeding the birds in the winter and the hummingbirds in the summer. I can't WAIT for my hummers to come back!

Monday, February 23, 2015

When will it end

Winter continues this week as we had snow, sleet, ice and then rain...all in the same day. Welcome to winter in Tennessee! The snow started and came down as big, fat flakes. It didn't take long to cover the roads. I was able to bribe the punks into a few pictures! I love snowy pictures. They cooperated...for a few minutes.

DSC_5043 web

Not sure if I like the black and white or color better!

DSC_5038 web

Not to be outdone, his brother takes the bribe also!

DSC_5051 web

Same problem as to color or black and white.

DSC_5056 web

He's such a goofball.

DSC_5050 web

And like his brother, couldn't hit the broad side of a barn! He aimed, he missed. :)

DSC_5074 web

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Snow, pt. 2

It may not have lasted long, but it sure was pretty as the sun was coming up.

DSC_4716 web DSC_4717 web

It must have been windy when the snow started coming down, because in some areas it was sticking in one direction and in other areas it was sticking in another direction. Either way it was very pretty.

DSC_4720 web

I love these berries. They are always so pretty in the snow.

DSC_4725 web

Probably my favorite horse picture to date. Beautiful against the white, snowy background!

DSC_4747 web

THe one great thing about this area and snow, it's nice to see, but it (usually) doesn't stick around very long. February is coming, so I better be quiet! :D

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow, pt. 1

We finally received a dusting of snow Friday night. The kids (and teachers) were bummed that it was a Saturday morning, so no snow day. It wasn't enough to do anything with, but it was fun to walk through and get some pictures. I'm good with it and ready for spring!

DSC_4703 web

It was beautiful.

DSC_4704 web

Snowy wheat is very pretty.

DSC_4708 web

Warm days gone by...although he plays in the cold. :)


She's worse than the kids!

It was gone in a few hours, so I was good with that!

Thursday, February 27, 2014


My snowy cutie pie! I love this picture of him and all his mismatched colors! He's more excited about getting dressed and getting out to play in the snow. Who cares what he's wearing!

winter-0034 web

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our snowy drive

We took the backroads. That's where the beauty is. We could tell different parts of the county had different snow amounts. Maybe a 1/2 inch here.

winter-2 web

A little further along showed us a little more snow.

winter-2-3 web winter-2-4 web

And then we found this...just beautiful!

winter-2-6 web

Bedford lake had a light dusting.

winter-2-9 web

Normandy lake also had a light dusting.

winter-2-18 web

I had hopes that Rutledge falls would have some snow...not so much.

winter-2-12 web

But snow above the falls at the barn. Words to live by.

winter-0032 web

Beauty everywhere...don't be afraid to look!

winter-0038 web

There's HOPE! I took this of the sparkling ice and didn't even realize it was a leaf budding out until I saw it on the computer! So excited for the return of spring!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

SNOW! Sort of...

We have had a horribly (not normal) cold winter. I hate it. It stinks and it's no fun. If it's going to be so cold, we should at least have some snow to go with it...and to gripe about! But alas, it's not to be. Until the storms come from the south. I've always said the storms that come from the south always dump on us, so when this storm was predicted, I was hopeful. We got the day off in anticipation of the upcoming storm...and nothing happened...until about 8pm that night, when it started snowing and sticking. We went to bed (knowing) we had no school and (knowing) we'd be snowed in. Again, it didn't happen. But, we did get about an inch...more and less in different areas. I was debating going for a quick drive as the sun was coming up to get some pictures before it melted. I knew it wouldn't last long. And then I saw this in the field...

winter-0002 web

This was the first decent picture I've been able to get of this guy. I've only seen him/her a couple of times and it's been almost dark when I do. Unfortunately he's going to have to go before we start building our chicken coop. I'm not planning on providing him with meals each night!

winter-0026 web

I took a quick drive as the sun was coming up.

winter-0028 web

I didn't go far because the roads were icy in areas and I didn't want to navigate. The hubs had a job cancel though, so he drove me around for an hour or so!

winter-0013 web

The barn was so pretty with the snow as the sun was coming up.

winter-0016 web

Fox and bunny tracks...and now you know why we have a fox...lots of bunnies!

winter-0015 web

Pretty snow covered weeds :)

winter-0020 web

Snow or not, she's happy to be outside. Next up...our snowy drive.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Snowy day, pt 3

It took a while, but I finally got a few good birdy pictures...and a dog. :)

DSC_0001 web

This snow day was the next day and totally unexpected. It showed almost 2 inches in about 45 minutes. It was literally raining snow!

DSC_0005 web

She just wanted someone to play with her! There were no takers. :)

DSC_0008 web

The snow made the cardinals pop!

DSC_0017 web

It was gone by mid morning and I'm hoping for the year!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Snowy day, pt 2

DSC_0030 web

I love this barn. I've photographed it in the sunshine, rain, fog and now snow. I love it in all seasons!

DSC_0036 web

More double sunflare.

DSC_0039 web

Garrison creek... kids favorite fishing hole!

DSC_0045 web

These barns just touch my heart.

DSC_0054 web

Bugscuffle joke. :) 1 lane bridge over the creek. I had to stop quick, get was icy...go to the back of the car to take the picture, and then navigate back to the car before the car behind me caught up. Hence the reason I wasn't in the center of the bridge.

I really enjoyed my morning with the punk. I learn a lot from him! :)