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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sledding, I think

Just to put this in perspective...since December 17th,
the little demons (remember, after snow day 3, they are
demons, not darlings), have been out of school for 27
days and IN school a whooping 4 days! One day I may look
back on this and laugh...bawhahaha...that is just not
happening! It's been A LONG week...1 day to go...and
yes, I have been counting since day 3!!

Somehow we were never told of the "local" sledding hill
located at the Webb school. After 2 days, it was getting
worn down, but the kids still had a blast.


Sledding with friends earlier in the day



Sledding to the bottom!


Don't let the pretty blue sky fool was FREEZING
out! Maison's at the bottom in the bright orange hat working
his way back up!


Halfway there!



We lucked out as there weren't too many people there.


Whizzing on by!


There's 4 kids piled on this homemade plastic sled. And it
went the furthest too!


Please note the tuft of hair sticking out the top of
his hat! ;)


"It would be nice if snow could be warm when you needed
it to be" ~Hunter ...he is so right!

More horsey pictures tomorrow...

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