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Thursday, September 9, 2010

A holiday weekend in pictures...


Choices, choices

Chilly morning

Momma, will you tie my
swivel on?! The first of how many?!

When geese fly south...

This one's not working

Early morning fishing

I have GOT to get Nanny's bobber
back...(without getting wet)...hey,
the water's really warm! Get wet
little buddy and see what happens
when the air is chilly!

2 hours later and we're slowly warming

The lure tree

The colors are just amazing!

Hunter came to tell us he found a dead lizzard...but,
he tried reviving it with know, chest compressions!
It's dead, so he's going to use it as bait and heads down
to the lake. I head down there soon after and find his
buddy, his pal, on his shoulder...he came back to life!
My child...the animal whisperer...and now healer! :)

I really don't think she's missing Ellie!


Can you tell she's having fun?

There is nothing better than the joy of a
child jumping into a lake!

When asked what the heck he was doing, he replied,
"jumping in like the dog"...and there you have it. If
you need a refresher, scroll up 6 pictures!

3 momma's and 1 baby...other 2 babies were
spooked and ducked back into the woods


I think this was the biggest fish caugh
all weekend. Oh well, at least they
were happy with the little ones!

Heading toward sunset after a glorious day


Gone are the days where you YELL up the hill
for additional beverages!

The creepiness of his legs is due to lens flare...
I was shooting into the setting sun. It happens,
what can I say?!

Love this

Day early morning fog, just stunning colors!

Again with the small fish...those eyes make
up for it though in my book!

Crossing on the Green River Ferry on
our way home via Mammoth Cave park
(out the drivers side window)

Passenger side window view

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Photo contest winners...

Submitted several photos (3 each) into the Friend of South Cumberland Park link contest...just received word/email that Maison came in 1st/2nd in his age group and I came in 3rd. (He won $80 on 1st/2nd place! I get $10 for 3rd place.)

Maison-1st place

Maison-2nd place

Me-3rd place

Not bad for a fun day of hiking!