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Friday, March 9, 2012


I have come to realize the dog is as bad as the kids. DON'T say "wanna go to the park", unless you're serious! Because she will hound you like there's no tomorrow! And then you're committed!


I typically don't walk around the backside of the park unless it's really warm out, because it will require the dog being hosed off.


As you can see! She entertains herself running from (mud) puddle to (mud) puddle...I'm beginning to think she's part pig! She took off over to an area we were just at, so I sat down and held my hand up like I had a ball. (Who can resist a ball?) Unfortunately I did not have one...but she didn't care!


I love the flinging water as she's running


She looks so vicious! (Far from it!)


She didn't care, she was ready to hit another puddle.