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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin guts!

...and it all started with the flick of a pumpkin seed. I
couldn't help myself...when the seed stuck to his forehead,
it went downhill from there! You can see some of the remnents
of our pumpkin guts fight on the shoulder of Maison's shirt. It's
the "little" things the kids will always remember! And nailing
mom upside the head with pumpkin guts will go down in history!

fall collage

Pumpkins & fat lips!

Poor Hunter has had such a bad weekend. After loosing part of
his front tooth Friday night, he was trying to make the best of the
weekend and playing football with his brother. Well, kicking the ball
back and forth. Not 2 minutes after I said DON'T let that ball bounce
and hit you in the face, the ball does exactly that! We all said Ohh
when it did and then OHHH when he turned and had a bloody mouth! Luckily
it was just a split lip, but add a fat lip on top of the tooth (and a
mouth full of canker sores) and you've got a mess! He didn't want any
pictures posted of his tooth, so I have fixed the one in this picture,
but you can see his fat lip in the picture too! Poor kid!

hunter pumpkin 2010