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Monday, March 4, 2013

Play time

I am so ready for winter to be I'm sure many are! And I really need to figure out why some browsers are showing a black background on this site and some are not...I guess I need to add it to my list of "things to do"! Along with updating more often, taking more pictures, etc. On top of that, I've just taken my 5th (I think) part-time job!

A few weeks ago, I took the dog to the park. We had had a taste spring and the weather was glorious. And I knew it would be wet down there and since it was so warm, I figured she'd enjoy getting muddy and I could still hose her off and get her dry before it cooled off again. I was not wrong!

DSC_0083 web

I was testing my manual settings to make sure I could "freeze" the mud/water drops.

DSC_0082 web


DSC_0050 web

Shake, shake, shake your booty!

DSC_0076 web

"What do you mean you don't want to get muddy?!"

DSC_0048 web


DSC_0067 web

She's so expressive...and happy! "Did someone say mud?!