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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day

To our Soliders, past and present, Thank You for keeping
the 'free' in Freedom!

Our local celebration was held 2 nights ago. We had some
drama earlier in the day, so I wasn't sure I'd get to
watch the fireworks with the kids or not. Everything
calmed down for a moment and I sat with the kids at our
local park and enjoyed our time together. It was nice to
see so many people come out and enjoy them. Small
town American at it's finest!







Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Late night

The one thing I do enjoy about living in small town
America is our late night walks. Usually it's just the
2 of us, but last night the boys and I walked. They are
a couple of goofballs!



Strawberry moonpies...bleh...these have been in the
window for the last week (probably a week and a half since
the festival) and I finally remembered to bring my camera
to document the (lack of) anything growing on them! Gotta
love preservatives! ;)


I forgot to change my white balance on the first
picture, so that's why there's such a color difference.
But I think I like it better than this one. (They were
also closer to the green/blue lights so there's some
added reflection as well. It's not easy shooting in low
light without using your flash!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CAPTURE LIFE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Monday, June 14, 2010

Too H.O.T.

No (adult) wants to leave the confines of the air conditioned house. Soo, that means no pictures. Well, that's not true...I think I took some cool cloud pictures last night, but I'm too lazy right now to download them. Was working on a Father's day gift, so I'm done for the night. I did do a quick edit of a cool lightening picture to post on Facebook, so that will be my picture post for the night/day...whatever!

Believe it or not, this storm was past us to the east by quite a few miles (10-15 at least!) We had a great storm come thru last Saturday afternoon that was awesome. Unfortunately, it's hard to take lightening pictures during the day. I'm good with this one for now. :)

Monday, April 19, 2010


I've only been trying to get a good "blue hour" picture of this darn bridge for the last year! I think it turned out pretty good!