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Monday, June 1, 2015

NYC, day 2 (afternoon)

I knew visiting the 9/11 Memorial would be emotional. It's that 1 thing in your life that you will remember exactly where you were and what you were doing.

DSC_6278 web

There's still a lot of construction.

DSC_6279 web

Firefighters or first responders memorial...I can't remember for sure.

DSC_6283 web

Freedom Tower. The observation deck opened last Friday. I'm hoping if we have another band trip here in 4 years that that is on the schedule.

DSC_6288 web

There's just no way to describe the feeling you get listening to the water...

DSC_6289 web

Or touching the names...

DSC_6331 web

He was 3 1/2 on that awful many, all I wanted to do is hug him...and now I was visiting it with him.

DSC_6330 web

Each anniversary we'd see the long ramp to the bottom, where the families would remember. This is that spot. Along with the handwritten memories left by the firefighters.

DSC_6293 web

The survivors staircase and the first thing placed in the memorial due to it's size and weight!

DSC_6302 web

The twisted metal is just mind boggling.

DSC_6307 web DSC_6312 web

Emotional, heart wrenching and beautiful...

DSC_6338 web

What you don't see are the areas that no pictures are allowed. Where the tears immediately start flowing. We did not have enough time...3 days would not be enough time. It's a memorial not to miss!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas memorial

Life has been crazy the last 2+ weeks. We all had to stop though and take pause when the Connecticut shootings happened. We all hugged our children and cried many tears. We pray for the families as they struggle to get through this Christmas season and we paid tribute to the 26 following our Christmas Eve Candlelight service.

DSC_0016 web

The clouds cleared and the moon shone bright.

DSC_0021 web

We lit and released 28 balloons. 26 for Connecticut, 1 for 2 local missing children and 1 for children of violent crimes. It was a fitting tribute to our service.

DSC_0031 web

DSC_0033 web

DSC_0045 web

Each name was read and the church bell rung as each balloon lifted off.

DSC_0048 web

It was an amazing sight as they all floated away.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We will NEVER forget

DSC_0066 web

This is a piece of the World Trade Center. I did not know this was here when I stopped by the KY Veteran's Cemetery last fall. Apparently any state can request a piece of it if they want to build a memorial. (I just heard of a local memorial being dedicated tonight as a matter of fact.)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Thank you to all our past and present soldiers. Thank you for keeping the free in Freedom!

flag memorial

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Memory

8 years ago this month, the week we were moving to TN,
we lost a dear friend/neighbor to a terrible disease. He
had these flowers growing in his yard and he HATED them!
Every spring they would pop up and he'd dig his yard up,
trying to get rid of them. And every August, they would
return, almost as if to say "nana, nana, boo boo, you
can't get rid of us" after we moved here, I saw
them pop up and it was a great memory. Several years
later when I noticed them again, I found out they were
called Resurrection Lilies...and boy did I laugh. For
as much as he tried digging them up, God always prevailed!
What a lesson...and he's up in heaven just having a fit,
because they're blooming again! Thanks for the memories


Friday, November 12, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day!

The kids and I actually went to the parade last night
and had a nice time. The weather was lovely. It was
short and sweet, but it was to HONOR our past and
present soliders. It was hard to take pictures in the
dark (without using the flash), so I've only got a
few that I liked.

DSC_0057 watermark

War Memorial

DSC_0063 watermark

County Courthouse & moon