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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Celebrate Family, pt. 2

Brooke and Ryan were married last winter... and this spring, they celebrated with their family and friends.

DSC_5655 web DSC_5639 web DSC_5633 web DSC_5641 web

This cute little barn was a throwback in time.

DSC_5685 web

And even had an old fashion elevator car!

DSC_5681 web

So much to look at and so little time!

DSC_5670 web

We cut the cake...

DSC_5700 web

...and then we dance!

DSC_5710 web

Moms and sons...

DSC_5740 web

Grandpa's and granddaughters...

DSC_5761 web

Husband and wife...

DSC_5776 web

Friends and family...

DSC_5816 web

Mommy and son...and coming this Christmas...twins! Congrats Brooke and Ryan!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Soccer craze

For the last year or so, my youngest has been addicted to soccer. Not sure why or how it seeped into his system, but it has. He will disappear for an hour or so and when I find him, he'll be outside practicing. If it's cold out, he'll go out for a while, come back in to warm up and then go back out again. I'm glad he's found something that he loves to do!

focus web

His practice has paid off. He's really good at bouncing and controlling the ball. I hope they do well in spring soccer this year!

magic web

He does crack me up with his funny facial expressions in just about every picture!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dear Winter...part 1

You're not nice!

DSC_4810 web

This was the start of our fun.

DSC_4812 web

Those are not snow flakes, but rain drops. As it continued to rain, it continued to freeze on everything in sight.

DSC_4814 web

Don't get me wrong, it's really beautiful.

DSC_4818 web

But as it gets heavier and heavier, life gets a bit more difficult!

DSC_4816 web

They were not happy either!

DSC_4825 web

EVERYTHING was coated with ice...and what happens when wires get coated? A little thing like POWER goes out!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Circle of Life

I have been wanting 2 more chickens. Keeps the eggs flowing a little faster and then it's easier to share them. So a friend of ours gave us 2 small hens, nicknamed Crockett and Tubs. (Someone's a Miami Vice fan. ;) ) Unfortunately they were not hand raised and did not want to come to the coop each night, so the friend gave us a rooster to help round them up. I have always said I did not want a rooster. He was a beautiful rooster, but I knew he was only here temporarily. Well, 1 morning we left the coop open so that they could come/go and get used to it. Unfortunately, that was a mistake.

DSC_4777 web

He did his job of rounding them up and keeping them together. And shortly before we got him, the white hen had disappeared, but she was back within a day of him arriving.

DSC_4787 web

Unfortunately leaving the coop open to help the new hens and the rooster was a mistake. I came home last week to feathers everywhere and one of my hens missing. They are usually only allowed out when I'm home, so I have plenty of guilt and sadness. I know it's the circle of life, but my girls were my girls. They would come running to me when I came out and would come running when it was time to be put up at night. Mr Rooster fought the battle of his life for my girl too. It didn't matter that he wasn't around them (they were very independent and didn't hang around him and the other 2 much), when it came down to it, he fought for them anyway. He did his job.

DSC_4782 web

We thought he'd be ok after a few days, but he was just injured too badly. RIP Mr Rooster. Thanks for trying to protect all of them.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Date Night

We don't go out much. Period. So much drama and so much work to get dressed up to go out in public. Ha. Honestly I'd call sitting out on our back deck watching the animals, grilling a steak and having a glass of wine my favorite kind of date. But alas, working for a nonprofit now requires a few "dress up" dates. So since it was such a momentous occasion, I had my child take a picture of us.

DSC_4772 web

It's my favorite picture ever. All I can do is laugh at it. We'll try it again in 3 weeks, when we have to dress up again to go to the ball on Valentine's day.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Reelfoot animals pt 2

After visiting the state park nature center, we started venturing around to other parts of the lake. THATS'S when we saw 2 flying overhead and found a spot to pull over. Luckily there was a pier there and I was able to catch a glimpse of them over the water. It was worth the trip right there. (Notice the REAL ducks in the water too! Ha!

DSC_4603 web

And then it landed. I'm assuming on a sand bar or something, I'm not really sure. But it was really cool.

DSC_4606 web

I know people that see them all the time. But when you don't, you tend to appreciate them a little bit more. This was an awesome day and punk #2 has asked me several times when we're going back!

DSC_4615 web

As we were leaving, we saw this massive flock of seagulls. It was crazy! I have no idea how many birds were out there, but it was cool to see. The one thing I try to do everyday is appreciate the little things. They may be pain in the butt birds, but God put them here for a reason. Appreciate everything, because it can be gone in the blink of an eye!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Reelfoot animals pt 1

Unfortunately, Reelfoot is a hard lake to "watch for eagles". It's hard to explain, but it's basically a hunting/fishing lake. There are places to pull off to look at the lake and there are piers to walk out on, but unless you have a flat bottomed boat, you're not getting to the area's that the eagles hang out. You'll see some, we saw 2 flying as we drove in, but finding "a bunch" is pretty hard to do.

DSC_4560 web

We saw more in captivity than in the wild.

DSC_4563 web

I didn't really care.

DSC_4566 web

I've seen comments online from people wondering why these 'not-so-nice' birds are our national bird. Honestly, I don't care. They are MY symbol of what freedom is. They were on the endangered list not too long ago and now they are just about everywhere. They are MY symbol of what freedom is. If they weren't, I wouldn't have driven over 3 hours to "see" them.

DSC_4567 web

We saw other animals also. These were caged because they had become injured somehow. But at this point they could not live/survive on their own.

DSC_4568 web

The kid had to take a "selfie" with it. LOL

DSC_4584 web

I was fighting my focus through the fence, so it's not as clear as I wanted it, but boy does this picture crack me up. Big dude wanted on the perch and the redhawks were having nothing to do with him, so as with children, he threw a hissy fit. It was awesome.

DSC_4586 web

And then after getting busted, acted like nothing happened.

DSC_4587 web

How awesome that they posed just for me! ;)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


It took me a month to go through my July 4th pictures. Even though I knew they were going to be awesome pictures. Unfortunately, they are just a reminder of the chaos we came home to that night. It does get easier...sort of.

DSC_2606 web

See what I mean?!

DSC_2611 web

Last year we were in the midst of moving and the fireworks ended up being cancelled due to rain, so I was really excited to get some current pictures.

DSC_2626 web

Our little town puts on such a great display. I think it's the best kept secret in the state!

DSC_2616 web

I hope I'm able to put my fears behind me and go again next year...I'm not so sure that will happen though.

DSC_2608 web

Time will tell.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Sometimes life gets away from us. Summer is here and everyone is busy. Family life takes priority more so in the summer than during the school year. Fall/winter/spring typically revolve around school and school activities. Believe me, been there, living that! But, summer slows down (although it flies by, how does that happen?!) and you spend time with family/friends.

I've had 2 more Tiny Footprints sessions since May (one in Birmingham and one in Nashville) and then trying to keep up with kids schedules and the "I'm bored" factor has kept us busy all summer. But last Friday we were knocked for a loop and it makes you step back.

The boys were out of town (THANK GOD) and the 2 of us had had a few days of putzing around the house/garden. Peaceful. We decided to go to the local fireworks. They put on a great show and it's easy to get in/out. Unfortunately while we were out, someone decided to rob us. Things, they just took things. Things can be replaced. Feelings cannot be replaced. How do you get back your sense of security? We don't live in a bad area. We don't typically lock the doors. As a matter of fact, my husband's favorite saying is locks are meant to keep honest people out. How do you replace your anger? How do you find your peace? I am trying.

20140710_201631 web


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Your are not allowed to grow up!

Dear 16 1/2 year old child of mine...please quit growing! Please quit talking about collage, flying and the Air Force. Please quit dreaming of leaving home. I don't think I can handle it. How did my "social butterfly" grow into such a handsome, polite, intelligent, Jesus loving young man overnight? Don't stop dreaming, but please stop growing! Love, your desperate mom!

maison-1085 web

maison-1092 web

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


We have just started sophomore year and he's already talking about college and the Air Force. Nothing scares a momma more and makes me want to cry. Where did time go? Where did my baby go? He's turned into such a fine young man. (Still mouthy once in a while, but that's a requirement of being a teenager!) ;)

DSC_0009 web DSC_0001 web

Please stop growing...even though you're already taller than I am!

DSC_0005 web

Don't ever stop being you...may you always stay true to yourself, love God and family, be a good friend and have peace in your heart.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


The phone call you never want to receive..."You need to get back here asap, your son (from his daddy ;) is going to require stitches." I was on the church van picking up kids for our Wednesday night activities and we were coming through town heading to get another set of kids. After getting dropped off and talking to the Pastor's wife (who's a nurse), we left for the emergency room. I had 2 things going for me...1, I did not witness it and 2, I did not witness all the blood. Had that happened, I might have been more upset. After we sent all the kids back inside, I hugged him and said it was ok to cry. He squeaked out 2 tears, that's it! My tough boy!

DSC_0102 web

2 hours later we were home, with 3 staples and only a minor complaint that they pinched. He was a trooper.

DSC_0103 web

The first thing he did on our return home...put his metal detector to his head to see if it would go off! THAT is my child! :)