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Monday, January 3, 2011

Last day of Christmas break...

THANK GOODNESS!!! And I had an extra child today, but
they all got along great and we had a nice day. Toward the
end, I let them shoot the pellet guns while I took some of
my own shots with my new lens. Still learning it, but so far
I like it. Also showed the boys who was boss when it came to
hitting the target! Don't mess with a girl that can shoot! ;)

One of my first outdoor shots with the new lens was terribly
underexposed. But, I really liked the picture. Thank heavens
I was able to save it in photoshop! Here's the before/after!

before and after DSC6

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So my 7th grader asked to go to the last middle school football
game. I reluctantly went along. It was a crisp, fall evening. I took
a few pictures...THEN, saw this...

Remember, I said MIDDLE school football. This dude's carting
around a $5000+ piece of equipment to photograph the MIDDLE
school football game. Titans, sure...Packers, of course...
but rural, backroads country middle school? Well, why not?

UPDATE: I saw Mr. Fancy Pants' pictures in the paper...nice
pictures, but nothing my camera can't do. And they certainly
didn't WOW me!