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Monday, May 20, 2013

Time management

I really need to find more time in the day! Apparently my time-management skills stink! Working 2 jobs (part-time) away from home when I'm just used to working my normal stay-at-home job(s) is exhausting! One of these days I'll even finish editing our Disney pictures from the end of March! On top of that, we'll be moving in a month, so things will get even crazier! BUT, we will be MUCH happier and I'll have a huge yard with lots of photo spots! In the meantime, I'll continue to be a photo slacker. We have had some pretty amazing sunsets!

DSC_0112 web

Monday, April 29, 2013


It's been a long spring, that hasn't really been spring. We get a taste and then winter returns. It's been hot, cold, cool, warm and freezing...all in a span of weeks, sometimes days! Not to mention wet. I've never seen the ponds, rivers and lakes so high...not that I'm complaining about that, because last years drought was really bad, but geez, can we warm up and dry out for a bit? The flowers are just about done blooming and yet we are still getting down to freezing some nights. I guess Mother Nature is just testing us this year!

We usually take an after dinner drive down the back country roads. Tonight we went in search of the "right" yellow flowered landscape picture. I've got the picture in my head, now I've just got to find what I see in my head...before the yellow fields disappear! But tonight, we found something else. Peacocks! We heard them before we saw them.

DSC_0046 web

They are really used by farmers as early warning signals!

DSC_0060 web

We only saw 3, but it sounded like there were more.

DSC_0065 web

I had not been down this road before, so I loved finding the old barns...although around here, there's an old barn on every country road!

DSC_0069 web

The cows wanted a snack!

DSC_0072 web

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


We took a drive one day to get a few snowy landscape pictures. Boy, I DO NOT miss all this snow! I'll take our 1 or 2 "days" of snow anyway!

DSC_0062 web

Locke 4...great fishing spot and a nice walk along the canal (about 2 miles) to the town park.

DSC_0065 web

I caught this as we drove by, so we had to turn around for a picture. (That happens a lot when we're driving around.) :)

DSC_0002 web

Our typical drive down to Amish country for cheese and spices! Apparently it's a popular store with the "locals" too! :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

And then the week ended...

After a snow-filled, stress-filled, kid-filled, tax-filled week of
chaos, God reminded me of the big picture with a deliciously
beautiful picture post card.

Thank heavens I had tossed my camera in the car!



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