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Saturday, August 14, 2010

The trash bin...

I was cleaning up some of my picture folders and deleting
until my heart was content. (It's not like I can keep all
my pictures...good or bad...they fill up a hard drive pretty
quickly.) But as I was going to delete a really, really
bad picture, something caught my eye and told
me to start playing around with it. If it still didn't
make me happy, the trash bin was waiting...
and I'm N.O.T afraid to use it!
I thought about posting the bad picture, but then you
wouldn't think that all the pictures I take are magnificant!
VERY few pictures that come straight out of the camera
(anyone's camera) DON'T need a little "tweaking".
And most just require a simple contrast. (Or at least mine do.)
I don't like too much "extra"...I want them to look almost like
what I saw when I took them. This one was different.
 Big time.
And it's a Keeper, with a capital K!

See what I mean?!