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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

MY Christmas Cuties

As usual, getting Christmas photos is like pulling teeth. I get 1 chance (usually), so I have to be quick. They wanted the horses in this years photo...definitely NOT as easy as the dog! :) But I think we did ok.

DSC_3210 web

It would have been helpful to have the telephoto when we did these (I bought it 1 week after), because he can get skittish when he sees something he's not familiar with. (It's not like I've not been up close taking pictures of him!)

DSC_3221 web

I just love this, so I cropped it might have to go on my wall!

DSC_3221 web1

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall 2012, part 3

Just a few more to finish up fall...we're already counting the days until spring... and hoping for a warm winter!

DSC_0106 web

DSC_0099 web

I need to remember carrots the next time we take a drive!

DSC_0102 web

I just love this barn...I've taken many pictures of it...all different.

DSC_0108 web

Going to work early one morning...

DSC_0005 web

Oh beautiful day...Happy Sunday! (I hope you set your clocks back or you're gonna get to church early! ;)