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Friday, January 2, 2015

Fall 2014

As we start January...much the same way December turned out to be...wet/rainy, I will remember our beautiful fall. I was sorry to see it go. And for once, it seemed to last for weeks.

DSC_2585 web

We went to the mountain one day and were just either at peak or just past peak. Either way, it was beautiful.

DSC_2579 web

Stone door was just lovely.

DSC_2593 web

Laural falls

DSC_2636 web

We made 1 last stop...and it's one of my favorite, peaceful spots.

DSC_2647 web

Get out an explore your surroundings!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day!

Mother's Day always seems to come and go without a lot of fanfair around here. This year it snuck up on me after having been gone the week before. Wednesday afternoon, it dawned on me that it was this coming Sunday...not a lot of time to do much. But I was asked on Thursday what I wanted for Mother's day. "Nothing" was my response. I'd rather not spend the money when I've got everything I need. Then it dawned on me, after the last week, I did want something...$20 in gas. His look was priceless. I wanted T.I.M.E. for Mother's Day. Family time.

Here is our pictures.

Our first hill...11:47am

Coming up on our first waterfall... .3 miles far so good!

The trail to Suter Falls...Thomas and one
of the boys are already headed over...almost
in the middle of the picture. It really gives
you great perspective on size. (You can
click on any picture to enlarge it.)

I think the bridge was someone's ladder, pieced together!

Suter Falls

Such a cutie...

Suter Falls...other side of the bridge

Questions, questions, questions...

Rocks and boulders galore!
Not just a flat path!

We came upon several caves...time to investigate!

Someone had made a fire pit inside. Not sure
that's allowed anywhere other than the
primitive camping sites.

Horsepound Falls 2.5 miles in...and we've
got to turn around and head back!

He's always looking for critters!

We made it back out 5 hours later...tired, sore and out of water!
Hunter asked if he could fill up his water bottle in the creek...
I said no, it would make you really sick...he said...
"It would sooo be worth it!"  :)
Still .3 miles to go...ughhh...
last picture @ 3:47pm out of park at 4:50pm!

It's a really good thing that we went on Saturday, because when Sunday rolled around, we were too tired/sore to do anything! I really hate that some of the pictures were kind of dark, but it was so bright out that it's really hard to take "good" pictures. I did salvage some of them via Photoshop at least, but we will mark this set of falls off our 617 TN waterfalls list. We DON'T need to go back! :)  On a side note, the map said this trail was "moderately difficult"...I really think they need to take "moderately" out of that statement!!

What a beautiful weekend we were blessed with!