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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I think Mother Nature went on vacation and left us to
deal with the weather! It's been cold and rainy for a week
and I've seen the sun all of 10 minutes the whole time. It
sure feels like March 18 and not May 18th for sure! But we
start warming back up tomorrow, so the end is near. We had
gotten spoiled with the warmer temps...walking late at
night and walking to the's just not happening
when it's cold out. Yes, I am a fair weather girl, period.

I did force myself to walk down the the park a few days ago
when the kids were playing basketball. I found a few things
to take pictures out and even a little surprise.


For display only: These kids will never know the joy of being
flung off the merry-go-round...or getting off and walking in
circles wondering if you were going to throw up.


I think that big kid might have needed oxygen a few times!


Good picture of the "gloomy" days we've had!


Nothing "decent" blooming to take pictures of, so I sat
down on the wet, muddy grass and took some clover pictures.
Who knew I'd catch a teeny, tiny grasshopper on the stem
of the tiny clover flower?! I guess the moral is to never
assume there's nothing out there to photograph because you
might just find something unexpected. :)

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kinda gross, but cool too

Trying to get a good picture of my hummingbirds, I noticed this
little guy hanging on my patio table. Not a big fan, but it was a
cool distraction...

Now back to learning patience on the little hummer buggers!