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Friday, May 29, 2015

NYC, day 2 (morning)

Day 2 started like day 1 ended...exhausted. Lots and lots of walking. Unfortunately through most of our trip, it was cloudy and rainy. Fortunately for us, we didn't let it bother us!

DSC_6132 web

We were up and on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty bright and early. First stop on the ferry was Ellis Island. I could have spent a whole day here exploring. Unfortunately, it was not on the schedule.

DSC_6146 web

Leaving Ellis Island for the Statue, this was our best view of NYC from the ferry. :( Foggy. Figures.

DSC_6161 web

This was the best view between the fog and rain that I was able to get.

DSC_6177 web

Because rain was forecast and we were there early, they did let us preform early.

DSC_6171 web

There's something so majestic about preforming at the Statue of Liberty.

DSC_6187 web

An awesome group of kids!

DSC_6202 web

Did you know that there's 215 steps from the base to the pedestal platform? It "should" take you 5 minutes or you can wait 10 minutes for the elevator. I shoulda waited for the elevator! We did not go the additional 100 steps to the crown! :D

DSC_6215 web

There is no picture from the platform, because after climbing all those stairs, it was raining and the fog moved in. We couldn't even see the bottom of the statue. That right there, is Murphy! :/

DSC_6258 web

This was the best picture of the skyline that I was able to get as we came into the ferry terminal. The fog kept coming and going the whole ride, so I just had to have patience.

DSC_6268 web

Off on our next adventure...

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Foggy Sunrise

I might not have caught a sunset at the lake, but I had forgotten I had captured this sunrise back in May, when I had to drive the youngest to his uncles at o-dark freakin early one morning, so that he could be in a fishing tournament with him. This picture made the 40 minute round trip drive worth it.

DSC_0030 web

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Good morning God!

What a beautiful Sunday morning sunrise!




The crazy kid...he might want me to think he's got a big fish on, but the faker doesn't realize his pole's not bending! ;)

Monday, April 4, 2011


It's raining again. We were spoiled. Period. Spring
started for us back at the beginging of March...and I
knew it wouldn't last. Well, it did for 3 weeks...and
then came spring break. And there was nothing SPRINGY
about it. For the last week it's been cold and rainy.
Of course. But I think we're finally over it. I hope!



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Saturday, January 8, 2011

A precious tribute...

Ward Anderson lost his young life at the tender age of 2,
during the summer of 2005. The community came together and
donated $40,000...and a playground was created.


p.s. If you notice under the statue, when they poured the
cement for the statue, they had all the local kids put their
handprints in it...fitting!

Friday, January 7, 2011

FOG...and barns!

Yesterday we awoke to a winter fog. And goodness was it
thick! Grabbed my camera and dumped the kids at school and
I took a drive. Even found a few surprised along the way. But
I am calling my drive "the barn" drive because most of what
I took pictures of were the barns. They look so cool in the
fog...and then as the sun was peeking out and lighting them
up, it reminded me of, here's hoping spring is
around the corner!


I drive by this barn every day and always plan on stopping...
finally did!


I've gotten this barn before, but never when we've had this
much fog.


It REALLY was foggy!



These 2 barns are down a little country lane that we've all
nicknamed "Rattlesnake Road"...betcha can figure out why?! There's
a beautiful ranch house between where these 2 barns are that has
been foreclosed on because no one will live there anymore...why?...
because the house is INFESTED with rattlers! Think about that the
next time you hear a strange noise!


The fog was lifting and it was giving me great filter color!

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Barn X 2

I loved the barn picture so much that I decided to take
it from another angle...same time of day, but the sun
was out chasing the fog away.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

A couple more lighthouse conversions

I still like the version that includes the ducks. This is basically
the same picture without the ducks. But everyone's opinion is
is different. Same way with the b&white conversion. I like the
one below and others will like the lighter version at the bottom.
The darker one gives a "gloomy" feeling and makes me "see" the
fog over the lake. I will go before we leave and get a shot where
you can see into the lake.