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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Life lessons

The dishes may not be done and the beds not made, but someday, none of that will matter. If I've learned anything in the past few weeks, it's to appreciate the time you're given, because it truly is a gift. Don't take it for granted. Get out and enjoy life and your loved ones.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Making Memories

I had the day to myself yesterday. 1 kid at a friends house and the other had a daddy day planned. It's been planned/cancelled several times, so I was glad they were finally able to get it in before the end of the horse show break. Because once that's over, life gets really busy again.

I received this picture right around lunch time and about cried. And from what I understand, daddy did cry. :) His summer is complete, watching both his boys (on different days) spend the day with him and catch monster fish!

phone pic

That smile says it all!

DSC_0053 web

My edited version! (So cute, so tan and such blue eyes!) :) I saw that Maison posted this on facebook late last night right before bed..."I wish I could go back to that moment today where I was fishing with my dad and do it all over again"...THAT'S what life is all about!

Monday, August 27, 2012

A fish tale

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words...sometimes. This one had some smack talk involved. (Side note: Hunter was given a gift from his late great-grandpa and he bought a new fishing pole with it. It's not a user friendly pole, which he was warned about, so he's been practicing with it in the yard. So daddy finally had a free minute and took him fishing.) Daddy started casting with it and after about the 7th throw, he got a big hit...and said "That's how you do it Hunter."

Hunter took the pole and started casting...7 minutes later, he said (insert wise guy) "Like this daddy"...and proceeds to pull in the big one! :) These are the days I want to remember...gosh I love these guys...(and the other one not pictured.)

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Sunday, July 15, 2012


The "boys" have put out noodles on the river in the "hopes" of catching fish. This is NOT noodling where you put your hand in a hole, fishing with your hand. (I don't see THAT ever happening!) But they cut up swimming noodles into 1 ft sections, attach some wire, thin rope and a hook and float them in the river. (They tried doing them on the lake, but apparently there's no "honor" on the lake, as they were vandalized and one had something "left" on the hook...nice lesson for a child to learn.) :( But so far so good on the river. Not much luck so far, but this was their first/only catch from the other day!

When I asked "who" caught it, punk #2 said he did...imagine that! But I did hear that he had quite a fight on his hands pulling that line up, so I guess he did earn it. :)

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Heat wave

With temperatures above 100 for the last 10+ days, we've only been going to the lake late in the day. When we left at 5:30pm, it was STILL 103 degrees. But shortly after we got down there, it started cooling. As we pulled on the lake shore, I snapped this with my tournament about to start, so they were all lined up. (By the way...all the land you supposed to be underwater! That's why we are in a severe drought...and why we can drive right out onto the lake bed.) :(

DSC_0001 web

Ready, set...

DSC_0004 web


DSC_0002 web

Heading out to "ride" the waves.

DSC_0005 web

DSC_0009 web

Giving the girls a ride.

DSC_0007 web

Beautiful sunset to end the (hot) day!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer pt 2

Finishing up our weekend in Kentucky from a few weeks ago. Hopefully we can get back up there in the next few weeks again before school starts. But July is setting up to be a incredibly busy month. VBS starts tomorrow, next week we'll be working at the fair (and hoping for a temp break) and then starts band camp to round out the month! Crazy! And school starts that next week! I just got the fall schedule for marching band and my head's already spinning! We need to enjoy what's left of our summer!

DSC_0132 web

This one has us all wrapped up!

DSC_0135 web


DSC_0139 web

I don't know what I'm going to do with this one! He's got $100's of dollars in fishing gear and he's hand fishing with a hook and line!

DSC_0133 web

"Noodling"...checking the boxes.

DSC_0134 web

Empty...I'm sorry, but I am NOT putting my hand in a box under water to see if there's a catfish in there! I don't care if you have the hole upside down and snakes/turtles "can't" get in there! There's ALWAYS a first for everything!

DSC_0136 web

Hanging out before a evening boat ride. My big kid camped out in the tent he got last Christmas. Set it up and took it down all himself! They'll be getting more supplies this Christmas too!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer pt 1

Summer is (sorta) flying by! Hard to believe school starts in 1 month! These hot temps are making it hard to be outside, but we're trying to make some fun memories with the punks. :)

The 3 of us drove up to the lake a few weeks ago, before the temps took off and it was just beautiful. I'm glad they can enjoy the carefree summer days and have plenty of memories as they grow (too fast) up!

DSC_0031-2 web

DSC_0008 web

DSC_0002 web

Stick bass! ...thanks for snagging that Hunter!

DSC_0066 web

He's got great style!

DSC_0112 web


DSC_0114 web

Say wha??

DSC_0115 web

Oh, smile? Ok!

DSC_0117 web

He cracks me up too!

DSC_0038 web

His snarky, "I don't want my picture taken" look...I didn't listen and did it anyway! :) The picture looks so funny because he's so "not tan" in it...he's so dark now from swimming, it's funny!

Friday, May 25, 2012

River fun

We spent a few hours hanging out at a popular spot. It's a spot I will always remember, because this is where I dropped them off and then this accident happened. But we can't always avoid scary memories and must move forward, so we went and hung out. The river is much lower (we're in a drought again), but there's still lots of snakes, so I don't go as much! ;) And while we were there, I scared 1 out of the walking path where we were all cutting across the water. (I held in a screech for the kids sake! Blehhh, they give me the creeps!


This one wanted to fish...imagine that! (Daddy looks like he's got something devious on his mind!


Don't let the nice water fool you, it was freezing! Although that shocked me, since we had such a warm winter and it's been rather hot the last 2 months! (And apparently the cold water doesn't affect the snakes either. )


I was rather impressed. They caught several in the same area the other kids were playing.


I only had a short lens with me, so I couldn't get this guy while he was fishing, but I did see him snag one out of the water!


Cutie pie wanted her picture taken.


Such a beautiful area, but I just wish it wasn't so snakey! I should have taken a picture of all the kayaks and small boats lining up to "float" the river. But weather was moving in and it was time to pack up and head out. We don't play when there's thunder/lightening around!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

18/52 Motherhood

Behind again...what else is new?! But motherhood to me means spending time with your kids, doing what they like to do. This was the first one of the set that I took when we spent the afternoon together. Somehow I missed it...not sure how, as those eyes just reach out and grab you!

18/52 Motherhood

Dear Hunter...please quit growing! ;(

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Hunter participates each year in the schools A.R. program. Accelerated Reader is a program of earning points for books read. They read age appropriate kids in 5th grade are not reading books at a 1st grade level, just to get points. Younger kids read books that are a .5-1.0 level and they go up from there. You start reading at the beginning of the year and the cut off is the end of April and you have to earn 100 points. They have rewards for getting to certain levels. Lunch with your friend in the courtyard, lunch at your teachers desk, A.R. banquet, etc...with the ultimate reward being the mystery trip.

At the end of March, Hunter had 68 points. He knew he wasn't going to make the mystery trip, but he was still reading. He decided to read The Hunger Games, because his brother did and because it was worth 15 points. He read that book in about 2 weeks and earned a 100 on the test. (I should of mentioned the points are based on tests you take after you read each book. If you don't get a 100, you don't get the full point value.) So, he was up to 83.0 points. He still had 2 weeks until the cutoff, so he decided HE COULD DO IT! He read a quick small book and got it to 85 points. Now all he had to do was read book 2 of The Hunger Games and if he made 100, he would be right at 100. And he was just shy of 2 weeks until the cutoff date. This child read and read and read. Every time I looked up, he was reading in his kindle. (Again, best gift ever!) He finished up 3 days before the cutoff and went to school to take his test. He didn't make 100 on the test...he missed 1, so he was at 98 points. Never one to give up, he read a couple smaller books and found his way to 100 points that same day and earned the mystery trip. So PROUD of him!

(The mystery trip is a mystery. No one knows where they are going, until they get there. They are given hints as to what to wear/bring, but it's always a surprise. I think I have figured out where they are going based on the hint this year, so we'll see if I'm right or not. :)

Friday was Hunters 1/2 day out of school reward. He really wanted to go fishing, but daddy had to work and I was a little busy too, so I surprised him with lunch at the cafe. He's always asking to go there, so I figured he'd like that. (Check out those eyelashes! )


Afterwards we walked home to wait for the cable guy, that ended up cancelling. And since Maison was going to the movies with the church and daddy was working late, I also surprised him with a trip to his favorite fishing hole. It was a nice (warm) evening...and cooler outside than in the house, so that was an added benefit...he was excited he was catching fish and I was excited by the awesome lighting, which really popped his eyes. I did nothing them, it was all natural. The 2nd picture the sun was almost set, so you can tell his eyes are not as bright. Still beautiful though. :)



Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Instagram has finally come to Droid phones. While I don't take a lot of pictures with my phone, it's a fun alternative in the spur of the moment. These are a few I've taken in the past few weeks or so.

Regular phone pic (that I love)...before Instagram

baby smile

Sleeping baby smiles...I miss this!


Love snuggling with a sleeping baby!

why didn't I know this was going to happen?

How did I NOT know he would do this?!

fishin buddies

Fishin buddies

someones idea of fun

Someone's idea of a fun time!

Download the apps for Droid or iPhone here ...go, have fun, play!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lake fun

The boys were able to spend spring break at the lake since their uncle isn't working at the moment. I didn't get much argument out of them. And why is it that when we have a week to ourselves, we're too busy to do anything?! :)


I really hate taking pictures in full sun. I know sometimes you just have to do it, but the harsh shadows really irritate me! I tried to soften them with some haze, but I'm still not happy about it. (I've been told I'm too picky ;)




And release...




This hawk dove into the water near us and came up with his lunch...and then flew right over us. Unfortunately I did not have my zoom on, so this was as close as I could get.


Better view of the fish.