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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


It took me a month to go through my July 4th pictures. Even though I knew they were going to be awesome pictures. Unfortunately, they are just a reminder of the chaos we came home to that night. It does get easier...sort of.

DSC_2606 web

See what I mean?!

DSC_2611 web

Last year we were in the midst of moving and the fireworks ended up being cancelled due to rain, so I was really excited to get some current pictures.

DSC_2626 web

Our little town puts on such a great display. I think it's the best kept secret in the state!

DSC_2616 web

I hope I'm able to put my fears behind me and go again next year...I'm not so sure that will happen though.

DSC_2608 web

Time will tell.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day

To our Soliders, past and present, Thank You for keeping
the 'free' in Freedom!

Our local celebration was held 2 nights ago. We had some
drama earlier in the day, so I wasn't sure I'd get to
watch the fireworks with the kids or not. Everything
calmed down for a moment and I sat with the kids at our
local park and enjoyed our time together. It was nice to
see so many people come out and enjoy them. Small
town American at it's finest!







Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kaboom...a day late!

I think this is the last of my 4th photos. There's a few here/there that I will go back and putz with, but I am whittling it down. Last I checked I've got 275 in my album. And I know there are more I can delete once I have time to scroll through them.

Caught this guy just as he took off

Someone up the hill behind us was
lighting them off on the 5th...we had
front row (driveway) seats

When you're lure gets stuck...go get it!
Good thing he wore his swimming suit!

Courtner Mill

Since when does he worry about getting wet?!

Finally caught this little bugger!

The peacocks were out on the way to Bedford Lake

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 4th, 2010

Decided to take the "boys" down to Rutledge Falls...
basically because it was h.o.t. and the water is ice cold.
And as you climb down the rocks, the air temperature is
a lot cooler also. But as we headed further down the stream,
the temps went back up. Everyone (but me) was in/out of the
water most of the time, so THEY were still cool. I forgot my
water shoes, so I just walked the bank/path, which was fine.
No chance of slipping on the slick rocks with my camera!

Rutledge Falls 7/4/10

Cold water!

They make me nervous on the slick rocks...and
I C.A.N.T. hear you!

Hunter has a new buddy

Down stream

Love this picture

We came upon a herd of butterflies...herd? Flock?
Whatever, it was cool.

Down to their level. The one taking
off in the background was cool.

The "buddy" carries the bucket!

We enjoyed all of these neighborhood
fireworks from the comfort of the driveway!
(kids had to shoot a roman candle)

One of the couple the "boys" picked up
for the 4th


A few more pictures to come from the weekend. I have
wittled my 500+ pictures down to 200 or far. I love
my little delete button! But, I still have a few more to download
and I know I captured a cool butterfly taking off on Monday,
IF it looks as good as it did on my preview screen.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 3rd...let the fun begin

Gearing up for air soft guns...Daddy's 1st rule...
Don't Bleed!

I'm not sure I like the look in
the eyes I cannot see!

Navy Seal or Terrorist?
He wants this as his school
picture for this year 2010-11!

And you wonder where they get it!

Daddy at will!

'nuf said!

Need I say more?!

Oh me oh my!

Twice as nice

Sooo cute

3 against 1 and YOU don't have a gun!

I can get good money for him!

This is what happens when you talk smack
when I'm lighting the grill! ♥

Little boys and bottle rockets...

let the games begin...remember, Don't Bleed!
The "punks" using a punk! :)

Fireworks Michael & Brad purchased




And now the "boys" play
Roman candle war 7/3/10

You cannot take the boy out of the adult!

Very few fireworks that night. We thought maybe no one was going
to light them off, but we were wrong. The only reason we did them
on the 3rd was that we had visitors leaving the next morning, so
we did ours early. Turned out nice because we had 2 days of
fireworks...well, 3 actually because someone up the hill put on a
short show last night and we had front row seats...well driveway
seats! Awesome!

July 4th pictures to come...