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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Snow, pt. 2

It may not have lasted long, but it sure was pretty as the sun was coming up.

DSC_4716 web DSC_4717 web

It must have been windy when the snow started coming down, because in some areas it was sticking in one direction and in other areas it was sticking in another direction. Either way it was very pretty.

DSC_4720 web

I love these berries. They are always so pretty in the snow.

DSC_4725 web

Probably my favorite horse picture to date. Beautiful against the white, snowy background!

DSC_4747 web

THe one great thing about this area and snow, it's nice to see, but it (usually) doesn't stick around very long. February is coming, so I better be quiet! :D

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow, pt. 1

We finally received a dusting of snow Friday night. The kids (and teachers) were bummed that it was a Saturday morning, so no snow day. It wasn't enough to do anything with, but it was fun to walk through and get some pictures. I'm good with it and ready for spring!

DSC_4703 web

It was beautiful.

DSC_4704 web

Snowy wheat is very pretty.

DSC_4708 web

Warm days gone by...although he plays in the cold. :)


She's worse than the kids!

It was gone in a few hours, so I was good with that!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


We've been struggling with a rogue horse the last week or so. Apparently the grass is greener on the other side of the fence and he continues to sneak though and knock down our "temporary" fix. So we set out to fix it and it has not made him happy. Shortly after bringing him back over, I saw him napping in the sun and decided to see how close I could get before he heard me.

DSC_4455 web

I made it to the first set of trees.

DSC_4459 web

Now out in the open and Memphis has not moved, which is unusual.

DSC_4460 web

I love this picture. He really was zonked out!

DSC_4462 web

I was about 10 feet away at this point and I think he heard me take the picture, because he popped up right after it.

DSC_4464 web

Whaaa, I wasn't sleeping, just resting my eyes! Ha.

DSC_4465 web

Treats? Did you bring treats?

DSC_4467 web

No treats? Then I'm going to pout and stand here ignoring you! Horses are hilarious.

Monday, January 12, 2015

More animals

She is my walking buddy. She'll do a lap around the field with me, investigating as she goes, but then running to catch up.

DSC_4452 web

She's not "grumpy" either. She was just running toward me in the sun.

DSC_4482 web

Unfortunately on this walk, she decided to roll in "something" and she really did stink. The kids took care of that and gave her a bath. I really should have gotten a picture of it, because she was not happy and it was hilarious. But, she smelled better!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Classic kid

I wanted to take a "field" picture of my cutie with my telephoto a few weeks ago. As usual, I'm only "allowed" a few shots before they are done. After a few, this was what I got...classic Hunter!

DSC_3485 web

But this was what I came away with...

DSC_3483 web

Worth it!

Monday, August 4, 2014

30 days

30 days ago (7/3), I took this picture. What a difference a day makes!

DSC_2571 web

I'm slowing trying to find my peace again!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer ends

Not really, but it's getting close. But with less than 2 weeks to go, band camp has started. Boy does that bring back memories! Although I KNOW we didn't have camp from 8am-9pm, which is what they had yesterday and again Thursday and Friday. I am thankful I only have to be up there from 6-9pm, but it's still warm. And to "help" punk #1, I bought him a camelpack to wear, so he wasn't so cranky. Oh who am I kidding, it didn't keep him from being cranky! ;)

DSC_0096 web

2nd row from the right, 4th person in...wearing 95+ heat...and you wonder why I just shake my head!

DSC_0101 web

Almost directly center (remember all black), right in front of the big tuba.

Yesterday was their first "full/late" practice and I have to say I was rather impressed with all of them. There are 8 8th graders plus all the new freshmen and between 6-9pm, they learned a good portion of their program. I'm excited to see it continue to develop over the week with the finale performance Saturday night for family & friends.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Another sunset

Another sunset from the other night. We've had a lot of rain since I took this picture...what a blessing.

DSC_0013 web

Friday, March 30, 2012

Country living

I love living in the country. Sometimes you just find the craziest things!


Farmers tend to stand these types of rocks upright in their fields as "decoration"...apparently this one is always decorated as the Easter Bunny because of its shape.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Heat = Boredom

With the kids back in school, I've been a little bored and
slacking myself. (It's just too hot to do anything!)
So today I plunked my butt on a stool and
tried to take some more hummingbird pictures. I took a
few halfway decent ones, but then noticed the momma
deer and her twins out trying to snag some pears...unfortunately,
I think they've gotten all they can reach and came up empty.

Momma and twin #1

Twin #2