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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Craft Fair part 2

Day 2 started much the same as day 1...except that I woke up every hour on the hour until I finally got up way too early! :) And punk #1 wanted to come with me. I warned him it would probably be 4am...after he had competition the night before, he said he wanted to come help. Day 1 was really long...after working up at church for umpteen hours, I went and worked a booth for 6 bed (and sore), by 8pm, I wanted day 2 to be just as awesome as day 1...and it was.

DSC_0032 web

It was a chilly walk for him...I was comfy in my capri's and sandals! ;)

DSC_0035 web1

He was even an apprentice under Bob, "the eggman" for a while! This picture just makes me smile!

DSC_0057 web

Meanwhile, punk #2 snagged a booth job for a while selling kettle he checks out the competition!

DSC_0059 web

It was still early on Sunday morning!

DSC_0127 web1

Amazing Grace never sounded so amazing!

DSC_0100 web1

How many churches have you seen the 10 Commandments prominently displayed on the front of their building?!

DSC_0073 web1

Great crowd! I love how we all stood out in our shirts!

DSC_0095 web1

It was an AMAZING weekend. If you weren't "touched" or "blessed" by some part of are in the wrong place!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Craft Fair part 1

I am just coming back to life. I spent a good part of yesterday vegging on the couch, even though the weather was amazing. I can't begin to tell you how much of a blessing this weekend was. It sure did start early though!

DSC_0012 web1

I really was cursing the fact that I am a bad sleeper when I woke up at 345am Saturday morning, knowing one of the guys was already up there starting breakfast. So I got in gear and walked on up to help. It sure beat laying there tossing and turning when I was doing God's work!

DSC_0019 web

Once the sun started to come up, I did sneak out for a couple quick pictures.

DSC_0022 web1

My cooking buddy...finally cleaned up from our early morning!

DSC_0030 web

It was still early and it's already busy!

DSC_0024 web

But our free/clean bathrooms were popular all day long! No porta-potties here!

DSC_0025 web

Blessings abound and amazing things are happening in this church!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weekend with crazy

It was RC Cola/Moon Pie festival weekend. It was crazy here in town and I thank the "big kid" for running out of gas mowing the lawn and making me drive over the the gas station to get some more (before he skipped town and headed to the lake)! NIGHTMARE and stupid people. For some reason they have a hard time realizing the roads in town ARE STILL ROADS, they are not blocked off nor closed. So they will randomly just walk out in front of a car (that's going slow thank goodness) and then look at you like YOU'RE the stupid one. But it's nothing new, so we live with it. The kids parked cars for the youth all day and Hunter took a break to ride in the parade. I didn't take many pictures, but I got a couple while we were waiting.


Look, it's Wendy with my cutie!


Hi Abe! (He really looks like someone I know (it's the eyes), but I don't know who! How's that for an oxymoron?!)

We decided to head to the lake for a few hours after the craziness. I'm not a lake person (to swim...and the lake is so low, we REALLY need rain...and a lot of it), so I sat on shore and took pictures. Worked for me. We have crazy neighbors (well she's crazy, he's pretty normal), but they've been MIA for about a month. Before they took off, he gave us permission to use the boats. WIN! You've never seen 3 boys so happy! But seriously, if you're not going to use them, we certainly will!


Where oh where has the last 14+ years gone? He's so grownup...with adolescent attitude from time to time! :)


What's wrong with this picture?! ;)


Oh what a lovely sunset. And I watched those guys unload that canoe a few hours earlier...they must have went around the whole lake...I'd be whooped. But it sure makes the picture.

Monday, June 20, 2011

RC Cola/Moon Pie festival

We've always avoided it because traffic (and people)
can be crazy. But since we are now in town and can walk,
we went. (Until the rain came.)




Mario! Not really, but he sure looked like him! Glad to
meet some nice neighbors and offer them some chairs. Gotta
love a hometown parade that you can watch from your front porch!
Glad the rain held off until after the parade too!


Hunter was SO PROUD to be walking with a Solider, much
less the Grand Marshall!


Maggie Vaughn (local) TN Poet Laureate


Local weatherman Justin Bruce. Thanks for the banana
moonpie, Justin!



We all chuckled at the Veterans having to wear a
seat belt!


Oldies but goodies


Snowbird posing for a picture! Wish he had brought a
little snow to break up our heat wave!


Maison bringing up the rear with the RC cola/Moonpie




Trying on a moonpie hat while waitng for ice cream and
the rain to pass


Ice cream shop

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