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Monday, August 30, 2010

Celebration 2010

Took the boys to see the horses today before they
leave for the rest of the week. I hate Celebration
break, but it was fun to go see the horses.

The Goof!

I think these were 2yr olds. We had just
gotten here and didn't hear the announcements.

This one threw a shoe and they had to fix it

such a bad picture...I really need some low light
arena practice...but this horse SKIPPED, in
addition to high stepping! It was pretty cool!

Motion...pretty cool

So as we were sitting on the other side of the arena,
we noticed these HUGE fans on both sides. They
weren't over the ends where we were sitting. As we
moved around the arena looking at stuff, we sat down
under one of the fans, Maison says "mom, look up at
the fan"...d'oh...guess there's a company for everything!