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Saturday, April 20, 2013


It's been a tough week for most people. From tragedy in Boston to disbelief in West, Texas. We (hopefully) turn to our faith as we struggle to understand why. As children, we are (hopefully) shielded from some of the wrong in the world, but it tends to hit home when something hurts you. We had an incident last Sunday. I had no clue. I went to bed and our 12 year old came and woke me and asked me to come to his room. Not having any clue, I went with him, where he promptly burst into tears, telling me he wanted to move and he did not like it here. Talk about coming out of left field! This sweet, tender hearted child was struggling with a problem and kept it in all day because he didn't want to ruin "our" day. My heart just broke for him.

He cries silent tears. He always has. He crashed his bike years ago and scraped his body from left eye to right hip on the pavement...HORRIBLE road rash...and not a tear. I cried for him and even told him it was ok to cry and yet no tears. So as big croc tears fell onto my leg, I ached to know what had hurt him so bad. After 30 minutes he explained how his friend had betrayed his trust. And he was so terrified that kids would find out and tease him. My poor baby. Friend betrayal is so tough for a 12 year old...or anyone for that matter. But after getting him calmed down and a guarantee that no one would know, he finally fell back asleep. Of course that meant that daddy and I were WIDE awake and ANGRY! (Parents were contacted and punishment received.)

Unfortunately after hearing back from 1 parent the next day, what he said turned out to be true...I was hoping just a cruel joke. He is over it and back to his sweet self. He is not ready to forgive, which I understand, but I know he will eventually. He is not one to hold a grudge. I just hate that it was a lesson he eventually had to learn...much sooner than I expected. As I posted on his facebook page, "Jesus knows you're strong." He will overcome and be stronger for it.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

The River

We missed church this morning because we had company visiting. But we knew we'd still be able to be a part of it later in the day, when we all went out to the river for a baptism. A special baptism...for this child went to her parents and ASKED to be baptized. Wow. So we celebrated her today...and several others that reaffirmed their baptisms. It was a glorious day and the sun finally came out...apparently it did not warm the water, but no one (that got in it), seemed to notice.

DSC_0039 ewb

The kids didn't care...nor did the big kid! :)

DSC_0054 web

We gathered

DSC_0059 web

And then she headed out...

DSC_0062 web

Along with her daddy

DSC_0069 web

and with her lovely mom

DSC_0070 web

She did it...look at her smile!

DSC_0094 web

And her mom reaffirmed her baptism

DSC_0108 web

We rejoiced and sang Amazing really was amazing!

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We ate some good food and the youth played some ultimate frisbee. What a beautiful Sunday.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Volunteer State

We live in a beautiful state. Not just outer beauty, (which is awesome), but inner beauty. We saw it last year during the flooding in Nashville. The people that came out to help, to volunteer. It was incredible. Well, 3 weeks ago, we were able to help our locals in need. And it was truely inner beauty at its best. Our local church WAS GIVEN a tractor trailer FULL of give out. We took the kids down to was all hands on deck with a massive amount of food to pack up and hand out. The line started early...much earlier than any of us expected. The sad part of it was that this food "helpout" was not advertised and hundreds came...the amazing part is that the food boxes never stopped. For every car that came, every car went away with food...nonstop for over an hour and a half. Car after car after car...I wanted to feel sad for all these people that waited in line FOR FOOD...but then the gratitude, the hesitant smiles, the Thank You's...words cannot describe the feelings we walked away with. Thank you Second Harvest Food Bank for feeding our souls that day!