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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our snowy drive

We took the backroads. That's where the beauty is. We could tell different parts of the county had different snow amounts. Maybe a 1/2 inch here.

winter-2 web

A little further along showed us a little more snow.

winter-2-3 web winter-2-4 web

And then we found this...just beautiful!

winter-2-6 web

Bedford lake had a light dusting.

winter-2-9 web

Normandy lake also had a light dusting.

winter-2-18 web

I had hopes that Rutledge falls would have some snow...not so much.

winter-2-12 web

But snow above the falls at the barn. Words to live by.

winter-0032 web

Beauty everywhere...don't be afraid to look!

winter-0038 web

There's HOPE! I took this of the sparkling ice and didn't even realize it was a leaf budding out until I saw it on the computer! So excited for the return of spring!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall 2012, part 3

Just a few more to finish up fall...we're already counting the days until spring... and hoping for a warm winter!

DSC_0106 web

DSC_0099 web

I need to remember carrots the next time we take a drive!

DSC_0102 web

I just love this barn...I've taken many pictures of it...all different.

DSC_0108 web

Going to work early one morning...

DSC_0005 web

Oh beautiful day...Happy Sunday! (I hope you set your clocks back or you're gonna get to church early! ;)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall 2012, part 1

After such a hot, dry summer, I really didn't expect to have too much color once fall arrived. Boy was I wrong. I took a drive on 2 different days before our weather changed and the wind blew the leaves off...and boy am I glad I did.

DSC_0015 web

DSC_0016 web

DSC_0026 web

DSC_0031 web

Probably one of my favorites!

DSC_0047 web

I know 3 boys that are missing this lake! Come on spring! ;)

DSC_0052 web

DSC_0056 web

So lovely...I'm seeing several of these blown up and hanging on my wall!