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Monday, March 17, 2014

Another sunset

It had clouded up the other night, but about 4pm, I noticed the clouds clearing a bit and knew it would be a great night for a beautiful sunset. So we started off in hopes of finding a better/higher view. Heading out of town, we happened to be following our local BBVFD. Turns out there was a small field on fire right after where we were turning.

sunset-0305 web

Apparently there's not an easy way for the truck to get across the creek bed from the right to the fire over to the left.

sunset-0306 web

Where there is a will (or fire), there is a way! Too small for the engine, but I think this little tanker was able to follow the creek bed until it opened up. Not sure what they would have done had the fire been any bigger!

sunset-0311 web

Just past the fire area, up a hill and looking west, we had this view.

sunset-0314 web

Further down the road we had this view. (I may have to post the before/after of this, because my settings were off and this was a complete save.) And it's my favorite picture in a long time! I may even print this on canvas.

sunset-0315 eb

Down another road, chasing the sunset, we pulled into a field. As I came over the hill, I think we scared each other!

sunset-0322 web

It changes so fast, it's really incredible.

sunset-0327 web

Next time we'll be on the other side of this hill! I think the view would be even better!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dear Friday...

come back when you've got a better attitude! :(

Dear Friday...

After the tragedy our community suffered the day before, I am THANKFUL no one was injured!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Heat = Boredom

With the kids back in school, I've been a little bored and
slacking myself. (It's just too hot to do anything!)
So today I plunked my butt on a stool and
tried to take some more hummingbird pictures. I took a
few halfway decent ones, but then noticed the momma
deer and her twins out trying to snag some pears...unfortunately,
I think they've gotten all they can reach and came up empty.

Momma and twin #1

Twin #2

Monday, July 26, 2010


Several pictures of the crazy dogs from the last few days.

The other day when I was hooking her out,
she noticed the deer before I did and about
took my arm off. Yesterday, I noticed the deer
as I clicked it to her collar! You would think I
would be smart enough to check for the deer
before I tie her up!!

Well, hello, deer!

Cesar would be proud!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nothing exciting

Suffering from poison ivy and chiggers, I haven't ventured too far out of the house. The heat just makes my skin crawl! But I did go out the other night to see if there were any butterflies hanging around. Nope. I was lucky enough to see a couple deer chasing each other in the field. Not the greatest pictures, but they were fun to watch.