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Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Years Eve

I will probably never hear the end of it about forcing "the hubs" to go to a New Year's eve concert. We got a group of adults together and several youth to go the the (M)Pact concert in Nashville. The first 4 hours were awesome. The last hour, we decided, was just not for us.

new years eve-0066 web

These kids were the main reason we went...other than the $20 ticket price!

new years eve-0073 web

Let me tell you about how we have come full circle! Original post 3 years ago we went to a little known concert one weekend. It was full of fun and games and a free hot dog/burger dinner. After dinner there was a message and then a band played. They were good...really good. So good in fact that my youngest (at age 9) wanted their autograph. It might have been the start of our spiritual journey, only we didn't know it. That band? Sidewalk Prophets.

new years eve-0074 web

And they were just as good 3 years later...and yes, he asked for their autograph again. Some day little man, some day!

new years eve-0094 web

This guy was awesome. I'm not sure of his name, but he was an illusionist...a fancy name for "magician". Ha. But he was awesome. I'm sure if I researched it, I would find out how he did this, but it would kill the whole trick. I'd rather just wonder!

new years eve-0098 web

Matthew West. Enough said. Awesome, amazing, priceless. We are all still singing "I am a Child of the One True King!" His testimony brought tears. Worth.every.penny.

new years eve-0098 web

Happy New Year...2+ weeks late!

Friday, May 6, 2011

For the Grandparents...

...and Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

I tried to zoom in on Maison, but it's very
pixelated. If you make out the girl on the very
end with a black shirt on, he's 3 down from her and
you can make out his full upper body, unlike the
other 2 boys which you can't really see. I hate
that I've got to get there an hour early to get
good seats, but when you try to cram 7 grades of
parents into a band concert, you do whatcha gotta
do! Hard to believe these are 7th/8th graders! I
don't remember playing pieces this difficult at
that age! (This is the only one I've uploaded
so far, out of the 4 songs they played) :)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CAPTURE LIFE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Concert

My first try at low lighting...I did a few manual settings
and then flipped it over to a non-flash setting. Wanted to get
"some" decent shots. :) I think these came out ok.


My blue-eyed cutie