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Friday, March 6, 2015

Chicks, pt 2

It was nice to finally get outside! Since it was rather warm, I decided to let the chicks out for a short while. It was still a little cool and since they've still got most of their down feathers, they weren't out long.

DSC_5197 web

Long enough to check out the dog and start learning how to scratch and forage for bugs/worms.

DSC_5194 web

If I didn't know that they were not related, I'd think she hatched this one!

DSC_5204 web


DSC_5210 web

Kitten even got into the action. Henrietta ran her off though. Animals are hilarious if you just watch their body language.

Thursday, March 5, 2015


With thoughts of spring coming, comes thoughts of new chickens. And when you go into a store that has chicks, the urge to buy them is overwhelming! Of course I HAD to give in to that urge!

DSC_5182 web

The "first" set I bought, I bought in error. For some reason I had straight runs mixed up with pullets. Straight runs and unsexed and pullets "should be" females. So my little black chicks are going to be a tossup.

DSC_5184 web

The "second" set of chicks I bought "should be" all females. And hopefully they are the same as what I got last year, because I love my buff orffington. Only time will tell. The dog still loves them though.

DSC_5193 web

This picture cracks me up. I'm not sure if it's a "are you my momma" standoff or a "dude, get out of our food" standoff.

DSC_5194 web

Chicks are just adorable!

DSC_5202 web

She really wanted nothing to do with them, just their food. I swear she's a pig in a hen costume.