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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lakeside seats

Took the boys out to Bedford Lake yesterday for some canoe fishing (no motors allowed on this tiny lake, other than trolling). So daddy took them over to a small cove to fish. After my last run in with a canoe for 8 hours, I'm fine sitting on shore! Happened to have my camera (of course), but I was reading. I looked up and saw a crane flying by, so in my hurry to try to get a shot, I forgot to turn the camera on. (These things happen. :) ) But was prepared for when it flew back, stopped off for a fishy snack and continue back to his nest. Along the way, he picked up a buddy (no clue where it came from unless it was in the water on the other side of a hill from me.) These are not the best pictures...I think because I didn't have the speed set high enough...but I'm still learning.

There is a fish in it's mouth!

Picked up a buddy...

Canoeing against the wind is N.O.T. cool! But
it's good practice!