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Thursday, March 3, 2011


It hits me...usually once a year...ok, maybe twice,
but it really depends on what's happening in life. I am
uninspired. I have no desire to take pictures...well, I
have the desire, just nothing "fun" on the books. I really
need to snap out of it, because life's too short to be

This picture was taken in 2004...and keeps popping up on
my digital frame. It was taken with a little point &
shoot camera...and proves that you really don't need a
fancy smancy camera. I did tweak it a little, but that's
just me. There really wasn't anything wrong with it. It's
one of my favorites of my baby...not such a baby anymore!
So after uploading this picture, I had the "bright" idea
to go do a current one...all that did was depress me...
good golly child, would you just stop growing?!

2004 (age 3 1/2)
creek 002

2011 (age 10 1/2...almost)

I just feel old! ;)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So my 7th grader asked to go to the last middle school football
game. I reluctantly went along. It was a crisp, fall evening. I took
a few pictures...THEN, saw this...

Remember, I said MIDDLE school football. This dude's carting
around a $5000+ piece of equipment to photograph the MIDDLE
school football game. Titans, sure...Packers, of course...
but rural, backroads country middle school? Well, why not?

UPDATE: I saw Mr. Fancy Pants' pictures in the paper...nice
pictures, but nothing my camera can't do. And they certainly
didn't WOW me!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I read a tutorial yesterday that was posted on another
blog and it was like a "lightbulb" moment! Holy cow,
I "get" it. "It" is FULL manual mode on my camera.
Not just Aperture mode, full manual mode. Set
everything before taking the picture. Metering for
light, dark and everything in between. Then setting
your f/stop and hoping it all works! :) I have been
studying a lot of portraits and the bright sunlight works
with skin tones...FULL MANUAL MODE! I had to
bribe the kids...well not Hunter, he's a ham, but Maison
wouldn't do it, so I caught him when he wasn't looking.
It has changed the way I take pictures...AGAIN! I
L.O.V.E learning something new that's going to really
make a difference in HOW I take pictures! Here's what
I took tonight.


slight crop, brighten eyes and walaaa,
no adjusting light!

Not as noticable, but I'm amazed at how
easy it was once it was explained
in plain ol' english!

From yesterday...
rock on little dude!