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Thursday, July 1, 2010


What a beautifully, un-humid (spring-like) day! It makes spending all day cleaning yesterday so worth it! I spent the morning hanging out with my butterfly bushes in the cool morning air. I probably would have just ignored all the moths...because they're always there...but the creme de la creme showed up...the Monarch! I've been waiting for him/her to show up for a while now and it picked a beautiful day to show. I'm not even sure I can pick a favorite. There were many more...maybe I'll load more tomorrow while all the boys are hanging out together. Being the only girl with 6 guys in the house for the next few days gives me the right to hide out! :)

These 2 are really cool (probably my favorite)
 because the moon is in the background.
I focused on the moon in the bottom picture,
which blurs the butterfly in the foreground.

The little finches are coming to enjoy the the
sunflowers that are finally going to seed.

Still working on a decent hummingbird picture.
These were shot thru the patio screen door.

Sunset the other night.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

More butterflies...starting to get bored with them...

The first one I took is prettier because the flower was completely framed. This one is kind of blah because the flower is closed. Still not bad though. This one shows more detail on the wings.

This little beauty showed up yesterday. Poor things wing was all tore up but it surely wasn't slowing him/her down! It was nice to find another variety. I think the yellow swallowtail is more photogenic. The blue on the wings tends to be more metallic looking. And when it's wings are opened, its all black and you don't see the pretty blue, like on the outside.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

To all the Dad's that I love...a few from yesterday.

I guess they're not called butterfly bushes for nothing!

Twice as nice

I'm not sure what the bug is in the background
but it is kinda cool.

This was not my favorite, but I like the moth that
snuck in there.

My goal today is to get the elusive hummingbird. He's been pretty shy when I'm around. All I want is a decent picture. Just one, I'm not greedy! :)