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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I didn't take a lot of pictures over the holidays, but I did snap a sweet picture of my niece and my youngest looking at a book. Great-grandma always sent my boys books for Christmas. I really loved that she would do that, especially since the kids get so many toys. So in honor of grandma, I gave my niece books for Christmas. I hope she comes to love books as much as we all do.

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Sunday, May 6, 2012


Hunter participates each year in the schools A.R. program. Accelerated Reader is a program of earning points for books read. They read age appropriate kids in 5th grade are not reading books at a 1st grade level, just to get points. Younger kids read books that are a .5-1.0 level and they go up from there. You start reading at the beginning of the year and the cut off is the end of April and you have to earn 100 points. They have rewards for getting to certain levels. Lunch with your friend in the courtyard, lunch at your teachers desk, A.R. banquet, etc...with the ultimate reward being the mystery trip.

At the end of March, Hunter had 68 points. He knew he wasn't going to make the mystery trip, but he was still reading. He decided to read The Hunger Games, because his brother did and because it was worth 15 points. He read that book in about 2 weeks and earned a 100 on the test. (I should of mentioned the points are based on tests you take after you read each book. If you don't get a 100, you don't get the full point value.) So, he was up to 83.0 points. He still had 2 weeks until the cutoff, so he decided HE COULD DO IT! He read a quick small book and got it to 85 points. Now all he had to do was read book 2 of The Hunger Games and if he made 100, he would be right at 100. And he was just shy of 2 weeks until the cutoff date. This child read and read and read. Every time I looked up, he was reading in his kindle. (Again, best gift ever!) He finished up 3 days before the cutoff and went to school to take his test. He didn't make 100 on the test...he missed 1, so he was at 98 points. Never one to give up, he read a couple smaller books and found his way to 100 points that same day and earned the mystery trip. So PROUD of him!

(The mystery trip is a mystery. No one knows where they are going, until they get there. They are given hints as to what to wear/bring, but it's always a surprise. I think I have figured out where they are going based on the hint this year, so we'll see if I'm right or not. :)

Friday was Hunters 1/2 day out of school reward. He really wanted to go fishing, but daddy had to work and I was a little busy too, so I surprised him with lunch at the cafe. He's always asking to go there, so I figured he'd like that. (Check out those eyelashes! )


Afterwards we walked home to wait for the cable guy, that ended up cancelling. And since Maison was going to the movies with the church and daddy was working late, I also surprised him with a trip to his favorite fishing hole. It was a nice (warm) evening...and cooler outside than in the house, so that was an added benefit...he was excited he was catching fish and I was excited by the awesome lighting, which really popped his eyes. I did nothing them, it was all natural. The 2nd picture the sun was almost set, so you can tell his eyes are not as bright. Still beautiful though. :)



Monday, March 12, 2012

Kindle rocks!

There was a time when I dreaded road trips...suitcases, backpacks, toys, games, video/movie machines...golly, it was a chore just to get everything packed. I realized this past weekend that I do miss it (a little) they are growing up way too quick...but it makes it so much easier when we decide to just hop in the car and go for the weekend and they grab a backpack of clothes and their Kindles. Best.Christmas.Gift.EVER! It tends to cost me when they want certain books, but seriously, who's going to say no to buying them a book to read?! And every once in a while I find a gem that's free that I will download for them. He read the whole book today and came back tonight wanting the next 3 books. Lucky for me they packaged them up in a set for $5! Best $5 I've spent today! :)