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Saturday, February 22, 2014


If I had his energy, I would accomplish EVERYTHING on my list for the week in 1 DAY! Just getting him to stand still for a second was amazing!

ben-0033 web

This is one of my favorites because of his expression. Unfortunately he moved at the last second and it's a hair blurry. As expected, his parents could care less because they love it.

ben-0028 web

Monday, June 3, 2013

Red Hot

I see this crazy looking plant blooming every year. I stopped for a picture a few years ago and decided to stop again. It took me awhile, but I finally found out the name of the hot poker plant. I always thought they were called the candy corn plant...until I googled it and realized there really is a candy corn plant and it looks nothing like this. Go figure.

DSC_0059 web

They really are cool looking.

DSC_0062 web

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Happy Birthday my've turned into a fine young man...just keep the attitude in check! Teenagers...geez! He did volunteer for a few pictures over the weekend, so I shouldn't complain...too much! :)

DSC_0027 web

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So much to do, so little time

Has anyone else wondered WHERE the heck November went?! Granted we're only 3 weeks in, but THANKSGIVING is in 2 days! Which means it will be Christmas in 30+ days. Oh my! I have to say though, that I am about done with everything! I have a few uploads to do yet, but I am so far ahead compared to last year! And so thankful. We had a beautiful Thanksgiving Community church service the other night and I've been packing food boxes...which my boys helped deliver tonight. I am so thankful and so proud of how far we (and they) have come.

snowflake web

The ONE and only "good" shot of Mr Pissy Pants!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


That my kids don't always co-operate with me! All I needed was 30 minutes, start to finish, including the drive, to get the couple shots I needed. His comment was "just use last years picture"...right, that works.

DSC_0014 web

I think this picture is hilarious...and may just use it on our Christmas cards! Ha! I also noticed his "hair horns"...that 'plains everything!

Sunday, September 2, 2012


I have finally gotten some hummingbird shots this year. Now if it'll just stop raining so I can get some more!

DSC_0005 web

The empty feeder they are fighting over has been refilled and they continue to fight in the rain.

DSC_0007 web

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


This post saddens me. Instead of beautiful pictures of my cute kid, in sweet sunlight, I write about bullies. School's out for the horse show and I guess that gives kids a right to do what they want. Wrong. I happened to be doing dishes and straightening up when I noticed Hunter coming home on his bike from a friends. I also noticed a black truck in the middle of the intersection, which happens a lot because the street signs have been stolen...again. I saw Hunter slow to a stop and then the truck peel out and Hunter came into the yard. Not thinking anything of it, I went back to cleaning. He came in seconds later, crying. He said the boys called him names, (they were bad) and peeled out. My heart aches for him...for what he heard, and probably doesn't even know what it means. I am sad that he witnessed this anywhere, much less this small town. Unfortunately for these punks, it's IS a small town, they WERE driving a recognizable truck (black low rider with shiny/chrome rims), and one of the little darlings has an unusual name. D'OH! So, come on back boys, let's have a talk!

DSC_0001 web


DSC_0006 web

Never pass up an opportunity to photograph some sweet evening sunlight!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Weed beauty

Another one from the lake...I need to remember this.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

22/52 Blur/Bokeh

Pictures taken, but catching up on labeling them.

22/52 Blur/Bokeh

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Baby Bella and her big sisters...part 1

We had nothing formal planned, just some baby pictures of sweet 3 week old Bella. While walking around the yard, I snapped some fun pictures of her big sisters. I love capturing more candid, playful and

DSC_0001 web1

A complete save...I loved this picture, but there were distractions, so I removed them so the focus was on the girls. I just wish I could decide which black and white I preferred. (I might do a before/after at some point) :)

DSC_0001 web2

DSC_0012 web

Heading over to the raspberry bushes

DSC_0026 web

DSC_0037 web

I just love this...probably one of my favorites of all the pictures I've ever taken! "Sneaking" a raspberry while I hid behind a tree taking her picture.

DSC_0042 web1

So expressive

DSC_0043 web

Oh o....

DSC_0047 web

DSC_0049 web

We didn't want "cheezy" smiles, so we just told her to stand by the tree...

DSC_0051 web

But she wanted to pose cute.

DSC_0061 web

And one of Bella...more on her tomorrow!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


My new lens arrived the other was rainy, so we couldn't go out and test it. The next day was beautiful but I had to bribe the punks to cooperate! Gotta love kids with a goal! :) I'm still on the fence about it, but so far it does a great job on portraits.


Note to self: don't wear orange as it will reflect...white always works better!


Love this one!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

15/52 "Minimal"

Someone was bored Sunday, so he talked me into a walk. Plus I was finally able to check out the picture he drew for school and came in 3rd place. They've got the winners pictures hanging in town hall. All I've seen was the picture from the paper of all the winners, so I figured it was about time to see what all the excitement was about. :) And for someone that complains that he can't draw, to come in 3rd place out of the whole 5th grade class is pretty good! As we were heading back home and passing this wall, I made him stand in front of it for a good picture. Every time I think I'm going to get rid of this lens because I don't like it, I take a picture like this. I didn't have to do much to this one, which just kills me. Usually I'm complaining because it's just not sharp enough...and then I take this. Just my luck. :) So now I'm back on the fence on getting rid of it, darn it!

15/52 "Minimal"

Monday, April 16, 2012

14/52 "Just Guess"

Again with getting caught up. Just when I think I'm good, something happens (usually life ;) and I get behind again.

14/52 "Just Guess"'s a snowball bush!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

11/52 Teeny Tiny

11/52 Teeny Tiny

I think my neighbor thought I was crazy laying on the grass for this one...if she only knew some of the ways I've gotten "the shot"! :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Good morning God!

Lilac's are one of my favorite spring flowers...and I just found one blooming. The way our temperatures have been, they won't be around too long.



Saturday, March 31, 2012

Goodbye spring flowers

Spring blooms are almost over and it makes me sad. Although some people will not be sad to see the spring pollen bloom finally over. Yesterdays pollen count was over 750 pollen grains per centimeter...that is NOT good. But I'll be taking pictures until the last bloom fades!



Thursday, March 1, 2012


We are on year 3 of band. When we started, I refused to "rent" a saxophone for $40 a month. 1st off, it's expensive and we could not afford it. 2nd, there was no way I was spending $1400 on a brand new sax, renting or not for a 12 year old! Who's to say he's going to like it or want to stick with it?! I told his band director that if he couldn't find one to borrow, then there was no way he could play. (It makes me sad that these schools do not have instruments for kids to use.) Turns out he loves it and does well. On top of that, once you move up into 7th grade, you're supposed to "upgrade" to a better model. WHAT?! Seriously?! Well, I happened to luck out at the end of 6th grade and found him a nice used one on Craigslist. And much to my surprise, it was a better model and we didn't have to worry about upgrading! (NOT that that was going to happen!) So imagine my dismay when he came home one day and said he wanted to upgrade to a tenor sax. I'm sure my eyes bulged a little. ;) But I started watching Craigslist again....and again...and again. Nothing under $2000+...I told him "good luck" as that was not happening.


At the beginning of February, I saw a posting. I ignored it as I really didn't want to spend the money at that point. I decided to give it a week and see what happened. Plus, I was waiting to see if he'd find it and start bugging me. He didn't. A week later I looked again. It was still there. :( I decided to contact the person to see if it was actually still available. It was. So I decided to scrape together the cash and do it. Because if I didn't, come May/June when we're getting ready to start marching band, I'd be KICKING myself for not doing it. I know this for a fact. I just do. And, since she was up near Clarksville and I way southeast of that, we agreed to meet in Nashville. I took him with me...boy was he say the least. (He even offered me his Valentine's money toward it.)


I tried to explain to him that we needed to not appear too eager and make sure everything looked ok. We don't want to pay for something and then turn around and have to spend a few hundred $'s to have the pads redone. He understood...ha...yeah right.


But after looking at it, it was well worth the money. There is a big dent on one side of it, but I'd rather it be on a used instrument than it happen to a NEW one! I would come unglued! ;) He took it in to show his director (I was expecting an "it's ok" type comment, but (from what I've heard), he was rather impressed. (These directors now days want "the best", which I can understand...our band has come in 2nd place at the state level, so they are very good....but geez, we're not made of money!) I got more grief from THE KID on the struggle to get in on/off the bus! He said his bus driver didn't really like it. Bwhahaha...well, when SHE pays me to cart your butt to school, I'll drive you. For now, deal with it. (She has since given him a seat to put it in.) On top of that, it shouldn't be a big deal since you're not playing it until next year. "Oh no, Mr L. wants me to play it the rest of the year", he told me. (:O) Apparently he did like it! And since he still has to play his alto sax for jazz band on Tuesdays/Thursdays, I DO have to take him on those days as he cannot take 2 instruments on the bus. (I still shake my head at my luck!)


Kid #2 starts band next year...he's playing a SAX! I'm not shopping for any more instruments! ;)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Love You like a Bug

We've never been big on Valentine's day. It's just something we've never been hung up over. It's one day. As long as you show your love EVERY DAY, I think Valentine's is just an over priced Hallmark holiday. :) And my biggest pet peeve...don't buy me a card. Really. I don't need material things to know that you love me. My idea of a great gift...getting my hair done...which is what I spent Valentine's doing. I go so long between hair cuts that's it is a treat for me not to have to hack on my bangs. ;) So imagine my surprise when I came home to this...


Which is funny in itself, because that meant he had to go into the store HIMSELF to buy them. "Mr Social" does not like going to the store...FOR ANYTHING! :)


This isn't the greatest picture, but I love the bokeh & colors.

And I did receive a FAVORITE kind of card to receive!


I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day, no matter how you chose to celebrate it.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

3/52 "White Space"

I took this a few days ago when the sun actually made an appearance. It fits the theme for the week of "white space". White space doesn't necessarily have to be white. In photography, it's "empty" space that brings you eye back to the subject. My "white" space is on the right side, bringing your eyes back to the subject. (Those eyes are really going to be the death of me!)

3/52 "white space"

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

I finally found a few minutes to take some holiday pictures before putting the Christmas decorations away for the year. It is "supposed" to be bad luck to not have them down by New Years...I'm not tempting fate...everything is down and put away! :)


Cocoa anyone? It's way too warm, so the picture will have to do.

I can't help but hope that 2012 is a better year than 2011. More downs that ups, but we take one day at a time and it has made us stronger.


Our 1st Christmas ornament from many years ago...together, anything is possible!


A year later we added this one...


And as long as we have this...ALL things are possible. Wishing everyone a safe, happy, healthy and PROSPEROUS New Year!