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Friday, January 28, 2011

A few more...

from our winter wonderland. It's gone now and heading
into the 50's for the weekend...come on spring! I did hear
that dreaded "s" word for next week, but I'm not going to
think about it and enjoy our lovely weekend. Monday comes
soon enough!





~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CAPTURE LIFE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Friday, July 16, 2010


One more day before we close up and head home. Not sure
I'll ever be back, so I wanted to enjoy the lake and the
lighthouse again. The boys love the park and I've got many
memories here.

Heading home

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kaboom...a day late!

I think this is the last of my 4th photos. There's a few here/there that I will go back and putz with, but I am whittling it down. Last I checked I've got 275 in my album. And I know there are more I can delete once I have time to scroll through them.

Caught this guy just as he took off

Someone up the hill behind us was
lighting them off on the 5th...we had
front row (driveway) seats

When you're lure gets stuck...go get it!
Good thing he wore his swimming suit!

Courtner Mill

Since when does he worry about getting wet?!

Finally caught this little bugger!

The peacocks were out on the way to Bedford Lake

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday boredom

We've been telling the boys we'd take them out to Bedford lake to fish/canoe for the last week. But due to my poison ivy/chigger issues (and now a spider bite I had thought was just a mosquito bite that was very itchy) ALONG with the heat, we've just put it off. So today we decided to kill a few hours. Unfortunately when we got out there, the wind was really blowing, so we nixed the canoeing bit. A little too much of a workout, especially since I wasn't the one taking them in the canoe!

Biggest fish I've seen caught at
Bedford Lake

Hunter got his lure stuck on a dead, stinky
turtle! Daddy to the rescue!

Caught these beauties on the side of the road,
as we were heading home.

The kids like to "talk" to the peacocks when we drive
by, but luckily since we were so close today, they
were quiet. The sound is really obnoxious.
From them AND the birds!

Saw this one as we were driving by. Hit the brakes
and I ran back, but it was already heading into
the corn field.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lakeside seats

Took the boys out to Bedford Lake yesterday for some canoe fishing (no motors allowed on this tiny lake, other than trolling). So daddy took them over to a small cove to fish. After my last run in with a canoe for 8 hours, I'm fine sitting on shore! Happened to have my camera (of course), but I was reading. I looked up and saw a crane flying by, so in my hurry to try to get a shot, I forgot to turn the camera on. (These things happen. :) ) But was prepared for when it flew back, stopped off for a fishy snack and continue back to his nest. Along the way, he picked up a buddy (no clue where it came from unless it was in the water on the other side of a hill from me.) These are not the best pictures...I think because I didn't have the speed set high enough...but I'm still learning.

There is a fish in it's mouth!

Picked up a buddy...

Canoeing against the wind is N.O.T. cool! But
it's good practice!