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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dear Winter...part 4

I've determined it's time to break up. It's time for you to leave. I know it's really only been 1 week of this yucky stuff, but we are all beyond the fun stage.

DSC_4913 web

It looks so beautiful...and it really was...but we are all ready for spring and warm weather!

DSC_4915 web

We are tired of being cooped up inside the house...even though we've taken several drives to take pictures.

DSC_4931 web

On one of our drives, we even had to help wrangle some jackasses. Imagine that! (I'm not sure what the difference in a donkey vs a jackass, but Mr Gilbert called them jackasses. Might have been because he was a little peeved? ;)

DSC_4969 web

It was quite comical and although I only had to help shoo them back once, I helped! :)

DSC_4972 web

You just never now what you're going to run in to!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Snowy day, pt 2

DSC_0030 web

I love this barn. I've photographed it in the sunshine, rain, fog and now snow. I love it in all seasons!

DSC_0036 web

More double sunflare.

DSC_0039 web

Garrison creek... kids favorite fishing hole!

DSC_0045 web

These barns just touch my heart.

DSC_0054 web

Bugscuffle joke. :) 1 lane bridge over the creek. I had to stop quick, get was icy...go to the back of the car to take the picture, and then navigate back to the car before the car behind me caught up. Hence the reason I wasn't in the center of the bridge.

I really enjoyed my morning with the punk. I learn a lot from him! :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snowy Day, pt 1

A few weeks ago we had a snow day. It wasn't much (and definitely not enough to sled on), but it was enough to close schools with fears of icy roads. I decided to take a early morning ride and as I got about a mile down the road, I received a text from punk #2 as to where I was going and could he come. I told him what I was doing and he said he wanted to go take pictures with me...well, how could I say no to that?! So we spent 2 hours riding around listening to Mike Rayson on the was a good God day! :)

DSC_0004 web

It was still quite early!

DSC_0011 web

Ditch jumping and snowy feet for this picture.

DSC_0012 web

Photo buddy!

DSC_0017 web

I love these guys. Unfortunately we forgot snacks for them, so they were not happy...but they sure are cute!

DSC_0019 web

DSC_0027 web

I love some good sunflare!

DSC_0028 web1

I love this old house. It looks run down (and it is), but it's still lived in! Amazing! (Notice the grand kids bike on the front porch!)

Monday, January 10, 2011

And then it snowed...

We waited all day and into the evening for it to start
snowing...I thought the weather guys were going to get it
wrong again as all the schools closed for today. I gave up
looking for it and went to bed before midnight. Apparently
midnight was the key, because between 1200am-600am, we received
9+ inches of the lovely white stuff. I figured the little
darlings would be up at the crack of dark to go play, but they
surprised me and slept in.

We took a walk before most people decided to try to venture
out. It really was beautiful.






DSC_0116 color block





It can melt anytime now! Bring on spring!

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Friday, January 7, 2011

FOG...and barns!

Yesterday we awoke to a winter fog. And goodness was it
thick! Grabbed my camera and dumped the kids at school and
I took a drive. Even found a few surprised along the way. But
I am calling my drive "the barn" drive because most of what
I took pictures of were the barns. They look so cool in the
fog...and then as the sun was peeking out and lighting them
up, it reminded me of, here's hoping spring is
around the corner!


I drive by this barn every day and always plan on stopping...
finally did!


I've gotten this barn before, but never when we've had this
much fog.


It REALLY was foggy!



These 2 barns are down a little country lane that we've all
nicknamed "Rattlesnake Road"...betcha can figure out why?! There's
a beautiful ranch house between where these 2 barns are that has
been foreclosed on because no one will live there anymore...why?...
because the house is INFESTED with rattlers! Think about that the
next time you hear a strange noise!


The fog was lifting and it was giving me great filter color!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CAPTURE LIFE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~