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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Celebrate Family, pt. 2

Brooke and Ryan were married last winter... and this spring, they celebrated with their family and friends.

DSC_5655 web DSC_5639 web DSC_5633 web DSC_5641 web

This cute little barn was a throwback in time.

DSC_5685 web

And even had an old fashion elevator car!

DSC_5681 web

So much to look at and so little time!

DSC_5670 web

We cut the cake...

DSC_5700 web

...and then we dance!

DSC_5710 web

Moms and sons...

DSC_5740 web

Grandpa's and granddaughters...

DSC_5761 web

Husband and wife...

DSC_5776 web

Friends and family...

DSC_5816 web

Mommy and son...and coming this Christmas...twins! Congrats Brooke and Ryan!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Celebrate Family

This cute family eloped last winter. Just them and their baby boy. This was a day to celebrate and party with all their family. It was a little chilly, a little wet, but there was a lot of love!

DSC_5651 web

Tucked in the countryside of Tennessee are tons of farms. This farm has several different venues to rent and this barn and all the old antiques was the perfect setting for this country couple.

DSC_5661 web

From the built in jail cell...

DSC_5605 web
DSC_5604 web

To the beautiful stone fireplace...

DSC_5591 web

There was something for everyone...even Big Bird!

DSC_5590 web

This country couple had an adorable country reception.

DSC_5579 web
DSC_5583 web

Cute country decorations...

DSC_5691 web

A cute use of an old window...

DSC_5690 web

Memories to last.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Winter lingers pt 2

I think even the horses are tired of the winter weather...

DSC_5124 web

Or maybe they're just tired of the lack of snacks! :)

DSC_5130 eb

Still a beautiful snowy backdrop!

DSC_5140 web

I love how anything colorful pops with a snowy background.

DSC_5131 web1

Come on spring! We're all waiting!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Winter lingers

The snow was beautiful when it came down that night. And the fact that it was gone the same day, awesome!

DSC_5114 web

Snow is so much easier to deal with than ice. The fact that it melts rather quickly, a bonus!

DSC_5117 web

I love how the red barn just pops against the white background.

DSC_5121 web

The dog loves snow...

DSC_5136 web

The kitten, not so much!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow, pt. 1

We finally received a dusting of snow Friday night. The kids (and teachers) were bummed that it was a Saturday morning, so no snow day. It wasn't enough to do anything with, but it was fun to walk through and get some pictures. I'm good with it and ready for spring!

DSC_4703 web

It was beautiful.

DSC_4704 web

Snowy wheat is very pretty.

DSC_4708 web

Warm days gone by...although he plays in the cold. :)


She's worse than the kids!

It was gone in a few hours, so I was good with that!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fall 2013

Fall is quickly leaving us. We've had amazingly beautiful colors and I will be sad to see it go.

potts-0081 web

Someday I hope to be lucky enough to have a driveway like this one! So beautiful any time of the year, but more so in the fall!

potts-0088 web

I just love the barn!

potts-0089 web

Way in the distance, you can see the deer crossing sign...perfectly placed!

potts-0092 web

Just beautiful!

potts-0094 web

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Summer has flown by and the kids are out of school (again) all week for the local horse show, so I had to bribe him to cut his hair and take his picture. It was either that or he couldn't leave town. ;) But he agreed...imagine that?! I was itching to take some portraits...seems like forever...and it has been. And since they had just cut the hay field and rolled it, it was the perfect prop.

DSC_0132 web

Honestly, find the right light and make those eyes pop! I did nothing here other than to sharpen. They are that amazing in the light!

DSC_0133 web

A little different angle...still beautiful.

DSC_0152 web

I love the height perspective in this picture. I may have to get one every year to show his growth!

DSC_0147 web1

This is my favorite and may just go on my wall!

Monday, April 29, 2013


It's been a long spring, that hasn't really been spring. We get a taste and then winter returns. It's been hot, cold, cool, warm and freezing...all in a span of weeks, sometimes days! Not to mention wet. I've never seen the ponds, rivers and lakes so high...not that I'm complaining about that, because last years drought was really bad, but geez, can we warm up and dry out for a bit? The flowers are just about done blooming and yet we are still getting down to freezing some nights. I guess Mother Nature is just testing us this year!

We usually take an after dinner drive down the back country roads. Tonight we went in search of the "right" yellow flowered landscape picture. I've got the picture in my head, now I've just got to find what I see in my head...before the yellow fields disappear! But tonight, we found something else. Peacocks! We heard them before we saw them.

DSC_0046 web

They are really used by farmers as early warning signals!

DSC_0060 web

We only saw 3, but it sounded like there were more.

DSC_0065 web

I had not been down this road before, so I loved finding the old barns...although around here, there's an old barn on every country road!

DSC_0069 web

The cows wanted a snack!

DSC_0072 web

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


We took a drive one day to get a few snowy landscape pictures. Boy, I DO NOT miss all this snow! I'll take our 1 or 2 "days" of snow anyway!

DSC_0062 web

Locke 4...great fishing spot and a nice walk along the canal (about 2 miles) to the town park.

DSC_0065 web

I caught this as we drove by, so we had to turn around for a picture. (That happens a lot when we're driving around.) :)

DSC_0002 web

Our typical drive down to Amish country for cheese and spices! Apparently it's a popular store with the "locals" too! :)