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Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Tiny Footprints Project l Jack

I am a photographer. I might not be the best, I might not make a lot of money, but sometimes it's not about money. Sometimes it's about sharing your gift. I do that with OpLove and Soldiers often. It costs me time and gas money...but it does more for my heart than money can ever buy.

I am now honored to be a part of The Tiny Footprints Project . Again, donating my time to these little gems that find their way into the NICU. Babies born too soon, babies struggling for a little extra help, usually with moms and dads that are caught in a dream.

As I waited for my first request, I thought back on the births of both my sons and as difficult as 1 was, I was blessed with a healthy baby boy. The first request came as a question. Is there anyone close to Birmingham Children's hospital. No response. After a few hours, I posted that I was about 2 hours away and if there was no one, I would do it. Confirmation came later that day that I was it. Getting things set up happened pretty quick. Time can be of importance for this families, so I would go 2 days later on a Saturday. And it turns out I'm a little over 2 1/2 hours away. Did it matter? Nope, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Jack was born missing his left ventricle. Somehow not caught until his birth, he was flown to Birmingham Children's 1 day later. Terrifying for any parent, I'm sure. But on the day I was there, I witnessed his Baptism. Priceless peace for his family as he would have heart surgery 2 days later.

Jack-0357 web

Such a sweet boy

Jack-0364 web

He might be sleeping, but he's full of spunk!

Jack-0363 web

Probably my favorite picture. They just look like they're watching over him. The Chaplain blessed them both, so I think they were doing their jobs!

Jack-0365 web

Another favorite. This boy's got some strong prayers coming his way!

Jack-0383 web

The love in this room was everywhere.

Jack-0486 web

Not your normal Baptism, but it did the job just fine.

Jack-0528 web

His loving parents

Jack-0543 web

These footprints are why I'm here.

Jack-0575 web

This face is why I will always answer the call.

Jack had his surgery a few days later and as of right now, he's doing great. He's slowly recovering and raring to go. Pretty soon this will just be a memory in his baby book. I am honored to document the first few pages of it for mom and dad.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The River

We missed church this morning because we had company visiting. But we knew we'd still be able to be a part of it later in the day, when we all went out to the river for a baptism. A special baptism...for this child went to her parents and ASKED to be baptized. Wow. So we celebrated her today...and several others that reaffirmed their baptisms. It was a glorious day and the sun finally came out...apparently it did not warm the water, but no one (that got in it), seemed to notice.

DSC_0039 ewb

The kids didn't care...nor did the big kid! :)

DSC_0054 web

We gathered

DSC_0059 web

And then she headed out...

DSC_0062 web

Along with her daddy

DSC_0069 web

and with her lovely mom

DSC_0070 web

She did it...look at her smile!

DSC_0094 web

And her mom reaffirmed her baptism

DSC_0108 web

We rejoiced and sang Amazing really was amazing!

DSC_0122 web

We ate some good food and the youth played some ultimate frisbee. What a beautiful Sunday.