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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

NYC, day 2 (evening)

Day 2 was a very long day! After dinner, we had reservations at the Empire State Building at 8:30pm. It was 8:00pm and I was getting worried about our reservations...along with the fact that it was still raining/cloudy...and traffic WAS NOT helping!

20150326_194938 web

We finally determined we were going to have to walk/hurry the last few blocks. Hahahahahaha...I had my walking app on the whole day and I was, at that point, at 35 miles! By the end of the day it was at 45.17 miles! Even if I take off 20 miles for the bus/ferry rides, 25 walking miles is A LOT! Had I zoomed it a little closer, you would see the back and forth all over Manhattan that we did! THAT was walking!

2015-06-01 16.58

So it was decided...we could either sit on the bus, going nowhere, or we could walk/hurry the last few blocks to the Empire State Building. Hmmm, we were all exhausted...except the kids, of course. So off we started...

DSC_6350 web

This was where we were going...looks pretty close, right? Uh huh. It sure was...not.

DSC_6352 web

I have to say, had we not had to hustle/walk, I would not have seen Macy's. Granted we didn't get to stop, but still pretty cool to walk by it.

DSC_6360 web

We finally made it! And wouldn't you know it, the bus pulled up right as we walked in the door. :/ Up, up, up we went...less than a minute to go up 80 floors. As I walked around the observation deck, I started to get disappointed that the clouds were not going to clear. And then this happened...

DSC_6387 web

Slowly, the just started dissipating.

DSC_6411 web

I tried to get to each side...some clearer than others.

DSC_6403 web

Rockefeller Center right in the center!

DSC_6391 web IT IS my favorite shot!

DSC_6415 web

My last shot before the clouds/rain returned. I now know what it feels like to be in a cloud when it starts raining. It's an immediate downpour! We had a great 30 minutes where the skies cleared. Thanks God. What a view!

Monday, June 1, 2015

NYC, day 2 (afternoon)

I knew visiting the 9/11 Memorial would be emotional. It's that 1 thing in your life that you will remember exactly where you were and what you were doing.

DSC_6278 web

There's still a lot of construction.

DSC_6279 web

Firefighters or first responders memorial...I can't remember for sure.

DSC_6283 web

Freedom Tower. The observation deck opened last Friday. I'm hoping if we have another band trip here in 4 years that that is on the schedule.

DSC_6288 web

There's just no way to describe the feeling you get listening to the water...

DSC_6289 web

Or touching the names...

DSC_6331 web

He was 3 1/2 on that awful many, all I wanted to do is hug him...and now I was visiting it with him.

DSC_6330 web

Each anniversary we'd see the long ramp to the bottom, where the families would remember. This is that spot. Along with the handwritten memories left by the firefighters.

DSC_6293 web

The survivors staircase and the first thing placed in the memorial due to it's size and weight!

DSC_6302 web

The twisted metal is just mind boggling.

DSC_6307 web DSC_6312 web

Emotional, heart wrenching and beautiful...

DSC_6338 web

What you don't see are the areas that no pictures are allowed. Where the tears immediately start flowing. We did not have enough time...3 days would not be enough time. It's a memorial not to miss!

Friday, May 29, 2015

NYC, day 2 (morning)

Day 2 started like day 1 ended...exhausted. Lots and lots of walking. Unfortunately through most of our trip, it was cloudy and rainy. Fortunately for us, we didn't let it bother us!

DSC_6132 web

We were up and on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty bright and early. First stop on the ferry was Ellis Island. I could have spent a whole day here exploring. Unfortunately, it was not on the schedule.

DSC_6146 web

Leaving Ellis Island for the Statue, this was our best view of NYC from the ferry. :( Foggy. Figures.

DSC_6161 web

This was the best view between the fog and rain that I was able to get.

DSC_6177 web

Because rain was forecast and we were there early, they did let us preform early.

DSC_6171 web

There's something so majestic about preforming at the Statue of Liberty.

DSC_6187 web

An awesome group of kids!

DSC_6202 web

Did you know that there's 215 steps from the base to the pedestal platform? It "should" take you 5 minutes or you can wait 10 minutes for the elevator. I shoulda waited for the elevator! We did not go the additional 100 steps to the crown! :D

DSC_6215 web

There is no picture from the platform, because after climbing all those stairs, it was raining and the fog moved in. We couldn't even see the bottom of the statue. That right there, is Murphy! :/

DSC_6258 web

This was the best picture of the skyline that I was able to get as we came into the ferry terminal. The fog kept coming and going the whole ride, so I just had to have patience.

DSC_6268 web

Off on our next adventure...

Thursday, May 28, 2015

NYC, day 1

I went with the band to NYC in March. It was a long bus ride, but it was fun. We arrived NYC at noon after a day and a half (with an overnight) on the bus. While on the bus, we watched "Night at the Museum", and guess what? Our first stop was the American Museum of Natural History! So of course, we had to go in search of all the "fun" things we saw in the movie!

DSC_5983 web

Of course it wasn't exactly the same...and there were tons of people!

DSC_5981 web

The architecture was so impressive.

DSC_5985 web

Who doesn't remember the stampede?!

DSC_5997 web

And Dum Dum who liked gum gum!

DSC_5999 web

There was so much to see and we only had about 2 1/2 where near the time needed to explore. But we did get a taste.

DSC_6002 web

This was blocked off for some type of seminar, so this was as far as we were able to go...impressive.

DSC_6012 web

It's so hard to photograph size and dimension sometimes, but this gives a good perspective.

DSC_6016 web

And lastly, we definitely couldn't forget Roosevelt! Day 2 was even busier!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Marching Season

We are in the middle of marching band season. It's a busy season that usually starts the last week of July in band camp. These kids put in hours and hours (2-13 hour days during band camp alone!) They are dedicated and hard working and their work pays off. Last weekend they participated in the Middle Tennessee Small Bands competition. It was a wet, rainy week and for the first time ever, they had to play in the gym and not march. It is definitely not as fun, but they did great, as always. And as with the last 2 years, took home the championship!

DSC_2103 poster web

Way to go Champions!

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Sometimes we don't pay attention to the small numbers. In this case, it was the difference between 1st and 2nd place! Congratulations Cascade H.S. Marching Band, Division 1, State Champions!!!!

DSC_0002 web1

Your hard work, long hours and endless practices have paid off and you are all CHAMPIONS! (I've never been so excited and soooo cold at the same time!)

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Marching band competition continues. Last week it was in the cold/rain and we came in 4th. A lot of different bands and band sizes. Yesterday was competition #3 and all of us went. We didn't play until 630pm and awards were at 730pm, so we didn't lose the whole day sitting around waiting. Plus we were able to watch all 4 bands in our division.

We are ranked as a 5A size band, one of the larger "small" bands. (And the largest in our group of 4.) We have 83 kids and of those, approx 35 are freshman and 8-8th graders. Pretty amazing to have such a "young" band.

DSC_0002 web

These kids have worked so hard and it's paying off...and they're getting great upper body strength when they have to do pushups when they're screwing around! :)

DSC_0027 web


DSC_0019 web

Their new uniforms really look awesome

DSC_0022 web

Finale...Hard work pays off. As we wait for the final trophy...

DSC_0032 web

We took home: Best in Class awards (based on size): Color Guard-1st, Percussion- 2nd, Field Commander-1st, Best in Class for Band-1st, Best of the Best (against all the bands): Color Guard-1st, Field Commander-1st, Division I Champion-Band

DSC_0036 web

Middle Tennessee Small Band Grand Champion!!

DSC_0037 web

Congratulations Cascade truly are Champions!

p.s. The trophy was so tall that they had to open the ceiling vent on the bus! I really need to go take a picture of their trophy walls. Yes, I said walls! For a 13 year old band program, that is self funded (NO school money received), they truly are amazing.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Congratulations Cascade!

We had our first band competition yesterday. They've been preparing for this since band camp started in July. Vanderbilt Marching Invitational. Maison's been excited for weeks and actually injured his foot last Wednesday...there were tears and fears that he wouldn't be able to preform. But after calming him down, icing it and taking some Tylenol, he pulled through. :)

We didn't plan on arriving until about an hour prior, taking a dinner break and then watching the last 4 "big" bands and finally the awards ceremony. By the time we found a spot to park "near" Vandy's stadium, walked up the 1/4 mile hill, bought our tickets and found our seats, we had 30 minutes to spare.

DSC_0003 web

We were up first in our division and played well. I noticed a few errors, but unless you're looking, you really wouldn't notice. (Although I did hear one of the drummers fell and I did miss that.) There is so much going on, that it's really hard to pay attention to everything! We were the largest of the 4 bands in our division. You are not permitted to take pictures or video...of course I had to "sneak" a phone picture! HA!

band web

After leaving to get dinner and walk around The Parthenon for a bit, we returned to watch the last 4 "big" bands. 1 from down the road in Smyrna, 2 from somewhere in TN (haven't figured out where) and 1 from outside Dayton, Ohio, we were ready to finish up with the awards.

DSC_0031 web

(I did pull my camera out for this picture.) Our band reps are 3rd from the left and you can see the big trophy in front of them! We pulled a Superior for band, Superior for Drum Majors and Superior for Color Guard and won Grand Champion for small band division!! We ALSO won the Chancellor's award, which they've never won before! What makes this win so special is that this is the largest band we've ever had. On top of that, out of 83 members, 43 of them are freshman and 8th grade! That's pretty amazing! Well done Cascade! Now, off to the next competition next weekend!