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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow, pt. 1

We finally received a dusting of snow Friday night. The kids (and teachers) were bummed that it was a Saturday morning, so no snow day. It wasn't enough to do anything with, but it was fun to walk through and get some pictures. I'm good with it and ready for spring!

DSC_4703 web

It was beautiful.

DSC_4704 web

Snowy wheat is very pretty.

DSC_4708 web

Warm days gone by...although he plays in the cold. :)


She's worse than the kids!

It was gone in a few hours, so I was good with that!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A week later...

And here I am a week later with no posts. Lame-o. It
was just one of those weeks. And yesterday we said
good-bye to our puppy-visitor that went to his new
home. We were sad to see him go, but he's going to
a good home...and from what I heard on the way to
his new home...there were "multiple" stops because
"we're not going to torture this dog, dad" ...way to go
Alex! And Seven is already spoiled, I'm sure...not that
he didn't leave our house spoiled!

You would think she was vicious, but she really
is a scaredy pants!

Hunter playing ball with the dogs

I wuv you give me the ball!


her tongue's as long as her darn ears!

gonna (sorta) miss you little guy...see you
at Christmas