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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Abby l The Tiny Footprints Project

I had another opportunity to photograph for  The Tiny Footprints Project a few weeks ago. Abby was just 18 days old and already had a heart surgery under her diaper. ;) She was doing well, but struggling with keeping her feedings down, so they were working on fixing that.

DSC_4415 web

So alert and curious.

DSC_4477 web

It doesn't matter how well your child is doing, you're still going to worry.

DSC_4449 web

So sweet.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Newest member

While out on a family photo shoot, I received a text..."I think I hear a kitten" response was "RUN, RUNAWAY FAST...and ignore it." That didn't happen. And what we found was a kitten less than a week old. So young we had to bottle feed it. We searched for the momma, but the kitten was found walking along the fenceline, not in the barn or somewhere safe that momma would come back to. So, now, we have another mouth to feed. The jury is still out on whether it will be a "simba" or a "nala", but I am rather impressed we were able to keep it alive. ;)

DSC_0788 web

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Tiny Footprints Project l Jack

I am a photographer. I might not be the best, I might not make a lot of money, but sometimes it's not about money. Sometimes it's about sharing your gift. I do that with OpLove and Soldiers often. It costs me time and gas money...but it does more for my heart than money can ever buy.

I am now honored to be a part of The Tiny Footprints Project . Again, donating my time to these little gems that find their way into the NICU. Babies born too soon, babies struggling for a little extra help, usually with moms and dads that are caught in a dream.

As I waited for my first request, I thought back on the births of both my sons and as difficult as 1 was, I was blessed with a healthy baby boy. The first request came as a question. Is there anyone close to Birmingham Children's hospital. No response. After a few hours, I posted that I was about 2 hours away and if there was no one, I would do it. Confirmation came later that day that I was it. Getting things set up happened pretty quick. Time can be of importance for this families, so I would go 2 days later on a Saturday. And it turns out I'm a little over 2 1/2 hours away. Did it matter? Nope, I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Jack was born missing his left ventricle. Somehow not caught until his birth, he was flown to Birmingham Children's 1 day later. Terrifying for any parent, I'm sure. But on the day I was there, I witnessed his Baptism. Priceless peace for his family as he would have heart surgery 2 days later.

Jack-0357 web

Such a sweet boy

Jack-0364 web

He might be sleeping, but he's full of spunk!

Jack-0363 web

Probably my favorite picture. They just look like they're watching over him. The Chaplain blessed them both, so I think they were doing their jobs!

Jack-0365 web

Another favorite. This boy's got some strong prayers coming his way!

Jack-0383 web

The love in this room was everywhere.

Jack-0486 web

Not your normal Baptism, but it did the job just fine.

Jack-0528 web

His loving parents

Jack-0543 web

These footprints are why I'm here.

Jack-0575 web

This face is why I will always answer the call.

Jack had his surgery a few days later and as of right now, he's doing great. He's slowly recovering and raring to go. Pretty soon this will just be a memory in his baby book. I am honored to document the first few pages of it for mom and dad.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Riley Brook

I was excited to have another newborn to photograph. Both momma and I had tried for 2 months to do maternity pictures, but the winter weather just would not cooperate. She lived too far north and kept getting socked in with snow. So, we knew Riley's arrival date and scheduled it the first weekend in March. She was 7 days old. 2 days before I was to head up there, the weather forecast changed and they started calling for another ice/snow storm. I'll be darned if we were going to cancel again! So, we set a time and my window was about 5 hours to get out of there before the ice started forming. She arrived late, which I get as you are dealing with baby's schedule, but I had my window. And you cannot hurry a newborn shoot. Let me just say this...I have not seen such a tiny, curious, wiggly, WIDE AWAKE newborn! For 3 hours we tried to get her to sleep. She wasn't having any of it! She was watching what was going on and that was that. Well, we got some cute ones, and that's all that mattered!

riley-0056 web

I just wanted to kiss on her. She was so sweet!

riley-0098 web

If you took the binky out, her fingers went right to her mouth!

riley-0118 web


riley-0142 web

So attentive...just watching.

riley-0179 web

I just love this! You would never think she was 7 days old!

riley-0204 web

Finally getting sleepy, but very wiggly!

riley-0230 web

One of my favorites. Of course we were done and she finally fell asleep. My luck. But it was time to go. About an hour after I left the roads were freezing. That's cutting it close!

Sunday, June 2, 2013


We typically leave town on long weekends, but this year I don't think we've left town on ANY weekend. Totally unusual for us not to travel. But as the kids get older and get busier...I really didn't think they could get busier...we tend to stay in town. So this was our first year to experience our annual Memorial Day outdoor church service. And boy am I glad we did.

DSC_0002 web1

After setting up the chairs, the youth had their Sunday school class while the Worship team warmed up.

DSC_0007 web1

It was amazing to see how many people filed in after service started. Everything was full about 15 minutes after I took this picture. Largest crowd yet!

DSC_0023 web1

We were honored to welcome back Hack Bartholomew from New Orleans. He plays a mean trumpet!

DSC_0031 web1

THIS is how we have an outdoor church service! Feeling the music!

DSC_0022 web1

Our youngest visitor with Grandpa Mike. I will make sure we're in town next year. What an awesome day!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Little girls

I was able to spend a few hours with this one last week. It sure made my crappy week much better! She's been sick and yet you would never know it!

DSC_0024 web

She's definitely a pistol and always on the go!

DSC_0021 web

My favorite.

DSC_0018 web

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Always have a camera...

These are "technically" terrible phone pictures...but honestly, probably my absolute favorite of all the ones I took...and I've yet to get through all of them yet. ALWAYS keep a camera near to capture the unexpected...because sometimes, it's not about the fancy camera, but about the priceless moment.

2012-09-02_20-51-18_500 web

I love the little supervisor and the big kid working that dishwasher! :)

2012-09-02_21-10-38_396 web

Such a sweetheart, but stubborn...oh man is she stubborn! Karma! :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Sweet and Sassy

This sweet little girl is just over 9 months...where has it gone? She's sweet, sassy, opinionated and stubborn...and she's got everyone wrapped around her little finger! Now that's talent! :)

DSC_0022 web

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer pt 2

Finishing up our weekend in Kentucky from a few weeks ago. Hopefully we can get back up there in the next few weeks again before school starts. But July is setting up to be a incredibly busy month. VBS starts tomorrow, next week we'll be working at the fair (and hoping for a temp break) and then starts band camp to round out the month! Crazy! And school starts that next week! I just got the fall schedule for marching band and my head's already spinning! We need to enjoy what's left of our summer!

DSC_0132 web

This one has us all wrapped up!

DSC_0135 web


DSC_0139 web

I don't know what I'm going to do with this one! He's got $100's of dollars in fishing gear and he's hand fishing with a hook and line!

DSC_0133 web

"Noodling"...checking the boxes.

DSC_0134 web

Empty...I'm sorry, but I am NOT putting my hand in a box under water to see if there's a catfish in there! I don't care if you have the hole upside down and snakes/turtles "can't" get in there! There's ALWAYS a first for everything!

DSC_0136 web

Hanging out before a evening boat ride. My big kid camped out in the tent he got last Christmas. Set it up and took it down all himself! They'll be getting more supplies this Christmas too!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer pt 1

Summer is (sorta) flying by! Hard to believe school starts in 1 month! These hot temps are making it hard to be outside, but we're trying to make some fun memories with the punks. :)

The 3 of us drove up to the lake a few weeks ago, before the temps took off and it was just beautiful. I'm glad they can enjoy the carefree summer days and have plenty of memories as they grow (too fast) up!

DSC_0031-2 web

DSC_0008 web

DSC_0002 web

Stick bass! ...thanks for snagging that Hunter!

DSC_0066 web

He's got great style!

DSC_0112 web


DSC_0114 web

Say wha??

DSC_0115 web

Oh, smile? Ok!

DSC_0117 web

He cracks me up too!

DSC_0038 web

His snarky, "I don't want my picture taken" look...I didn't listen and did it anyway! :) The picture looks so funny because he's so "not tan" in it...he's so dark now from swimming, it's funny!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

25/52 Captured from above

This little girl has captured our hearts...she will test your patience, but she will always smile for me!

25-52 Captured from above

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Alexandria-part 2





Such a sweetie...can't wait for my next round of pictures with baby #2! Hopefully scheduling sometime in the next day or so!