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Monday, August 26, 2013


I've been m-i-a for a long time. It's been a crazy summer and now that school's started (and now out again for the horse show), I'm trying to get back on a routine. But, like most things, as soon as you get on a routine, life happens.

And so I'm spending our 18th anniversary alone...well, I have punk #1 to keep me company as punk #2 flew the coop and went to visit family for the week. Unfortunately punk #1 has to work on/off all week. We had a friend lose his dad over the weekend so honey drove to Kansas, hence the reason I am alone on our anniversary.'s ok. We have spent a lot of time together in the last few weeks...time I wouldn't trade for anything! (Sorry, crappy cellphone pictures...I just won't take my good camera. Any camera is better than no camera though!)

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The boys bought their own kayaks this summer...of course we had to be the first to try them out!

2013-08-17 web

One day we took the youngest for a few hours...he floated ahead...I love how inquisitive he is!


After spending 3 hours on the river, punk #1 got off work and wanted to go. I am really not a river person. Have never really liked it with all the unknown creepies under the water...but...I really love being in the kayaks. I think it's the enclosed "protection" I feel...I'm not sure. As long as I can avoid tipping over in a deep section, I should be good. Taking child #1 as it was getting close to dark, was kinda pushing it. But we made it and I was fine. (And I now know I can do 5 1/2 hours on the river if I have to! ;) I love the time we can spend together. It's something I'll (and they'll) never forget.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Anniversary

17 years later and I'd do it all over again...even though some years there seems to be more downs than ups, I know it makes us stronger. And I hope we never stop laughing.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Anniversary #16

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life. It's been
a rough year, but we are surviving it. We should of known
when we got married with a hurricane swirling off the
island, that God was going to keep us on our toes! For as
tough as some days are, the good days way outnumber the
bad ones! And on that day 26 years ago when I first met
you in the church basement, I knew, God gave me you! ♥

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CAPTURE LIFE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

15 years...where did they go?! Seems like yesterday...
and yet, not. Good years, bad years...they all blend
together and average out. They make us stronger...
sometimes. And sometimes they make you want to kill each
other. Maybe just speed bumps...making us slow down and
realize what's important? Who's important...and why?! Here's
to another 50+ years of not killing each other! :)