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Friday, March 6, 2015

Chicks, pt 2

It was nice to finally get outside! Since it was rather warm, I decided to let the chicks out for a short while. It was still a little cool and since they've still got most of their down feathers, they weren't out long.

DSC_5197 web

Long enough to check out the dog and start learning how to scratch and forage for bugs/worms.

DSC_5194 web

If I didn't know that they were not related, I'd think she hatched this one!

DSC_5204 web


DSC_5210 web

Kitten even got into the action. Henrietta ran her off though. Animals are hilarious if you just watch their body language.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Winter lingers

The snow was beautiful when it came down that night. And the fact that it was gone the same day, awesome!

DSC_5114 web

Snow is so much easier to deal with than ice. The fact that it melts rather quickly, a bonus!

DSC_5117 web

I love how the red barn just pops against the white background.

DSC_5121 web

The dog loves snow...

DSC_5136 web

The kitten, not so much!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dear Winter...part 2

So our power went out at 6pm. We had planned ahead and purchased propane for the little heater that's in the living room...minor detail, we didn't test it. Murphy, that darned Murphy struck again. Overall, I was comfortable all night. The kids were fine. 1 piled high with 4 blankets and a cat and 1 with 3 blankets and a dog. I on the other hand had a cranky butt with bad knees that lock up when they get cold. It was a long night. ;)

DSC_4846 web

We awoke to beauty...pure beauty. And lights and heat that came on after 13 hours. The house was at a whopping 47 degrees. We decided to take a walk and survey the damage. Because what I forgot to mention was that all night long, limbs and branches were falling from the 4 HUGE trees that surround the house. It could have been so much worse that just having no heat! Thank you God!

DSC_4848 web

I will admit though, I considered looking for helmets!

DSC_4862 web

But the picture that was painted for us all night long was just amazing.

DSC_4850 web

Ice coated just about everything.

DSC_4852 web

They're still not happy, but mainly because they're penned up...and because I forgot to bring them treats. ;)

DSC_4858 web

Knowing that the state was just about shut down over this storm, I figured we'd be stuck for days. We were luckily enough to get out and about later in the day!

DSC_4865 web

So much beauty.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Play time

I am so ready for winter to be I'm sure many are! And I really need to figure out why some browsers are showing a black background on this site and some are not...I guess I need to add it to my list of "things to do"! Along with updating more often, taking more pictures, etc. On top of that, I've just taken my 5th (I think) part-time job!

A few weeks ago, I took the dog to the park. We had had a taste spring and the weather was glorious. And I knew it would be wet down there and since it was so warm, I figured she'd enjoy getting muddy and I could still hose her off and get her dry before it cooled off again. I was not wrong!

DSC_0083 web

I was testing my manual settings to make sure I could "freeze" the mud/water drops.

DSC_0082 web


DSC_0050 web

Shake, shake, shake your booty!

DSC_0076 web

"What do you mean you don't want to get muddy?!"

DSC_0048 web


DSC_0067 web

She's so expressive...and happy! "Did someone say mud?!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


We had to take an instrument to the repair guy today and punk #2 has been after me to go explore over at the discovery center wetlands. I finally gave in since we were 4 blocks from it...of course it was only 98 degrees out. But as always, we saw some cool things.

DSC_0010 web

Lots of ducks

DSC_0025 web

A snake...assumed it was poisonous and were glad we were on the raised boardwalk!

DSC_0032 web

Very few flowers...unfortunately I think the summer heat has done them in.

DSC_0019 web

And my get a dragonfly...done. :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

19/52 Quiet

These guys just crack me up! It was only Tuesday and they look like they're still trying to recover from the weekend! Shhh, quiet! ...and buddy in the background...did you say something? ;)

19/52 Quiet

Friday, May 18, 2012

Zoo fun

I miss having little ones to take to the zoo. So when I was invited by a friend to go with her and her granddaughter, I jumped at the chance. It was a picture perfect day...well, a little too sunny, but you can't have everything! :) I took a lot of pictures, so I figured it was easier to to throw them into a blogboard instead of posting just a few.

animal blog1

animal blog2

He/she was so cute!

animal blog3

animal blog4

Love the meerkats! (Looks like they had a rough weekend! :)

animal blog5

animal blog6

Thursday, July 28, 2011


We had a "God" moment last week (during VBS last
week) of all things. They were talking about reconizing
"God" sightings. This was our moment, when we discovered
a nest of baby bunnies that had survived the lawn
mower in their shallow nest. They have since gotten big
enough and have left the nest. Don't worry, there's NO
shortage of bunnies around here. I'm sure we'll find more!


How cute are they?!




~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CAPTURE LIFE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Donkey love?

I was ahead of the game and had several posts already
done, but I love this picture, so I'm going to jump it to
the head of the line...and have 2 posts today!

Went back out to the farm just to get out of the house
for a bit and gave the donkey's a few minutes time. One of
them is standoff-ish, but the other one...oh man, he's a
pest! And a camera hog!


Just love this...Hunter, the animal whisper-er!




Puppy Love! Wish I had gotten the picture of the puppy
licking the donkey.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CAPTURE LIFE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~