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Monday, September 24, 2012

Unusual breakfast pt 2

Finishing up our visit to the fly in breakfast...we had a great time and both boys want to go back next month. (That will again depend on the competition schedule, since every Saturday in October is a band competition.) It was such a beautiful day!

DSC_0054 web

They both seemed to like the yellow planes the best.

DSC_0056 web

DSC_0057 web

Experimental or not, the LAST thing I would do is embroider that on a seat in my plane! ;)

DSC_0058 web

DSC_0059 web hat! ;)

DSC_0061 web

Not sure I want to know what his/her "first" obsession is!

DSC_0066 web

Heading home

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Unusual breakfast

The hubs and I stopped into the airport a few weeks ago for a rental car. While we were there, we started talking with the general manager (who is a retired Air Force pilot) of the airport. Punk #1 is all about planes and would LOVE to start flying lessons...hence the conversation. After getting details of lessons, etc, he told us that they have a fly in breakfast every month and that we should come check it out.

Well, because of our fall marching band schedule, I wasn't sure we'd be able to, but it turns out we were able to spend an hour out there. We'll have to find a way to start him with lessons, because he was about to burst.

DSC_0010 web

It was early...but got some good sun flare.

DSC_0031 web

There were about 12 planes when we got there...

DSC_0053 web

I never did an actual count, but this was the main area, it doesn't show the dozen or so behind us in the grass! I was rather impressed how many "fly in" for breakfast!

DSC_0014 web


DSC_0020 web

DSC_0040 web

NOT happening!

DSC_0017 web

Watching them land

DSC_0041 web

They come in all shapes and sizes!

DSC_0042 web

Gotta love a small town airport. No "security" and being able to walk right out onto the tarmac...old school. And where they monitor themselves and don't need air traffic control. It was fun to sit and listen to them clear themselves for takeoff. Lots to learn from some awesome people. (A few more pictures still to come.)