Friday, March 11, 2016

My boy...part 2

My boy has a sweet girlfriend. He's always the perfect gentleman...although I did see him not open her door, so we may have to have a talk! ;) I see a lot of his daddy and myself in those 2 and it brings back many memories of our teenage romance. He's been wanting to ask her to prom for a while, but wanted to do it in an unusual way. That's the thing now...prom-posals. And all his friends were doing it and badgering him as to when he was going too ask her. So much so that he was starting to get upset about it.

She was part of the color guard last fall during marching band, so he decided to start with buying a flag. We tossed around some ideas and he found a friend to sew "prom" on the flag for him. Again, back to the drawing board on "how" to ask her. He finally decided on inviting her over while he was working, so "I" could take some pictures with my "new" lens. It's a good thing she doesn't "know" me, because he set it up at the worst time to take pictures and normally I would never do it at that time of day.

He decided to ride out on a horse carrying the flag while I was taking the pictures. Funny it never works the way you want, but it was cute.

DSC_4010 web

Memphis has not been ridden a lot this winter, so he was a bit fussy.

DSC_4014 web

But he quickly got back into the stride of being a walking horse and loving to run!

DSC_4030 web

Winchester was a bit upset to be left behind and corralled.

DSC_4033 web

The one thing we really didn't work out was how he'd "know" when to come out. I think she figured it out after a few minutes.

DSC_4034 web

And of course she said yes!

DSC_4038 web DSC_4043 web


DSC_4048 web

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