Thursday, March 10, 2016

My boy...

Time flies...everyone knows that. My last post was December and it's now March. :/ And once you have kids, it's all downhill. Last week I was teaching him to ride a bike...this week, getting ready for graduation. Don't blink and don't take a minute for granted.

My boy...he's a senior this year. It makes me sad, but also so, so excited for him and what he's going to do in the future. He wants to fly. And I know he'll make his dream come true. Until then, he's been a busy senior doing all kinds of fun things. He was nominated to be in the basketball homecoming court.

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My boy...loves his friends. He's laughed with them, comforted them and cried with them. He's been their friend for 13 years.

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My boy...he loves his girlfriend. I asked him when I first found out a couple months ago...why? You ALMOST made it through high school without the hassle of a girlfriend, what made her different? (Because I'm a mom and I'm curious...and...well, just because. :) ) He says to me, "Mom, she's a good Christian girl"...and there you have it. What else is there to say?! And when we happen to meet her parents at a Christian function...I guess God's got plans...and she's lovely. I see so much of his daddy in him at this age and I also know that no matter how much we've struggled in the last few years, we DID do something right!

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My boy...he loves Jesus. So much so that sometimes it takes my breath away. And sometimes, if you're paying attention, Jesus shows you how much he loves you!

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