Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dear Winter...part 2

So our power went out at 6pm. We had planned ahead and purchased propane for the little heater that's in the living room...minor detail, we didn't test it. Murphy, that darned Murphy struck again. Overall, I was comfortable all night. The kids were fine. 1 piled high with 4 blankets and a cat and 1 with 3 blankets and a dog. I on the other hand had a cranky butt with bad knees that lock up when they get cold. It was a long night. ;)

DSC_4846 web

We awoke to beauty...pure beauty. And lights and heat that came on after 13 hours. The house was at a whopping 47 degrees. We decided to take a walk and survey the damage. Because what I forgot to mention was that all night long, limbs and branches were falling from the 4 HUGE trees that surround the house. It could have been so much worse that just having no heat! Thank you God!

DSC_4848 web

I will admit though, I considered looking for helmets!

DSC_4862 web

But the picture that was painted for us all night long was just amazing.

DSC_4850 web

Ice coated just about everything.

DSC_4852 web

They're still not happy, but mainly because they're penned up...and because I forgot to bring them treats. ;)

DSC_4858 web

Knowing that the state was just about shut down over this storm, I figured we'd be stuck for days. We were luckily enough to get out and about later in the day!

DSC_4865 web

So much beauty.

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