Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Reelfoot landscapes

We drove 3+ hours to see the eagles. I know there are many in different areas, but they are few and far between in our area. There's supposed to be a pair at 2 of our local lakes, but unless you're out looking for them, you probably won't see them.

DSC_4524 web

This lake is up near the KY/MO line, over by the Mississippi River, so they've been much colder and with all the wind, had areas of ice on the lake.

DSC_4528 web

This is a fishing/hunting lake...no swimming.

DSC_4536 web

Those little dark spots in the ice...duck decoys.

DSC_4537 web

From a distance, I couldn't figure out why they were sitting on the ice. (I thought I saw one look at me as I was walking up!) Ha!

DSC_4593 web

This is why it's not a swimming lake. Cyprus trees everywhere. The danger of being caught in underwater trees/roots, too great.

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